nature and environment
The virtuous eclecticism of cork

Versatile and recyclable, cork proves to be an ecological hero: from insulation to fashion icon, it transforms spaces and styles in a natural way.

Stefano Mancuso's cities of the future

Stefano Mancuso, with his book 'Phytopolis', invites us to imagine cities inspired by models that already exist in nature.

My life in nature

An introspective journey through Isacco Emiliani's lens: from the quiet of the arctic to the nocturnal silence of Romagna's ancient trees.

LIQUID3: the new liquid tree

Microalgae with high photosynthetic efficiency against air pollution. A multifunctional structure purifies the air and provides sustainable street furniture.

Biome Makers tells us about the power of the soil beneath our feet

Biome Makers improve soil health and agricultural productivity by integrating soil microbiome analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

The mountains are asking for a conscious transition

Big data, AI and adaptation strategies boost mountain conservation and resilience. Lifestyle and economy must go hand in hand with this transformation.

Joining forces to clean the seas

Saving the planet from marine pollution thanks to collaboration with local communities and sea professionals. The successful model of the start-up Ogyre.

Solidarity without distinction of "species"

Animals join the Constitution, support the elderly and get cuddles from inmates. These, and many others, are the achievements of the LAV Association!

"Man is the fruit of the child's work"

Cosmic education and the science of peace: the Montessori philosophy to help young children embrace collective responsibility in aid of life.

Renoon, a guide for making conscious choices

A responsible wardrobe? Ask Renoon, a platform that collects multi-brand labels online to provide clear, comprehensive traceability information.

Luca Locatelli, the portrait of a possible future

A seaweed bioreactor, a waste to energy plant that is now a ski slope, a forest of turbines. Photographs as messages of hope.

Nature has positive vibrations

From the electric impulses of plants to the stage at Sanremo: with Dardust, music becomes a brand new relationship between man and nature.

An ecosystem in co-evolution

The “Black Pearl” of the Mediterranean: Pantelleria. Among UNESCO recognitions and development projects, we discover what’s being done to protect the special synergy between man and nature.

CAVIRO, a regenerative supply chain

For 60 years, an identity based on sustainable development. Interview with the Sustainability Manager of Italy’s leading wine-growing cooperative.

VAIA's metamorphosis of wood

A circular economy that’s reforesting the Dolomites: from reclaimed wood come natural sound amplifiers - and a new tree.

Bee it, the story of a sustainable dream

A project, a mission: promoting high-quality, sustainable cosmetics to help protect bees, the environment and our own lives.

Let's save our olive trees

The Apulian "patriarchs" at risk of extinction. A focus on Italy's most important olive-growing heritage, and actions to protect the "lineage" of thousands of years of history.

TerraLab and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles

From meetings among friends to exchange unused items, to the foundation of a charity that teaches a culture of responsibility and environmental protection.

And you, do you just run?

The story of CORROCOLGUANTO, and those who lead by example in environmental education. A new path. Not longer or faster, but better.

Mobile and immobile migrants, but all caused by the climate

Move, adapt or become extinct: these are the possible reactions to the climate crisis. Analysing a phenomenon that involves the entire international community.

The Park of Sacred Forests

Discovering the ancient history of the relationship between mankind and the forest, and the safeguarding of the current protected area that spreads over the Tuscany-Romagna Apennines.

Vertical farming: technology meets agriculture

Planet Farms, the revolutionary project that responds to the scarcity of fertile soil and water with sustainability and innovation.

Between the sea and the land

The danger of ghost nets. A journey with Marco Spinelli to raise public awareness of the issue of marine ecosystems.

Guardians of biodiversity

Soil conservation and the correct management of water resources: the strategy from CONAF which combines science, agriculture and ecology, protecting the planet.

Making a difference from a young age

Learning to respect nature, starting from the valuable lessons we receive from our family: the story of a boy who wanted to save a struggling bee.

Climate change: why young people play a central role

The importance of education in triggering a real ecological transition.

Educate today's adults, leaving them to do the same for tomorrow's!

Learning from young people. In a world where sustainable development is still far off, youth movements are teaching us how to act with awareness.

Change is vine

The future of viticulture is in science, and the genetic enhancement of wines. One of the top experts in the world, Professor Attilio Scienza, explains it to us.

A photographer of climate change

Fabiano Ventura and his international project "On the trail of the glaciers", an exceptional tool to create real awareness of the changes taking place.

Agriculture 4.0: the garden at the bottom of the sea

A 100% self-sufficient hydroponic agriculture system that is now reality. Discovering the extraordinary Italian project, Nemo's Garden.

Responsible tourism supports the beauty of the planet

Eco-friendly travel: what does it mean? And why is it important?
Here is an analysis, step by step, of how to enjoy a holiday with low environmental impact.

The deceptive aesthetics of immateriality

The new global phenomenon we all need to reckon with is digital pollution. What is it and how can we reduce it? Here is an analysis and some related advice.

Sailing for the Planet

Andrea Fantini speaks about how life on a boat teaches you virtuous behaviour that helps the environment. And reveals his ambitious project for sustainability at sea.

We need bright ideas with low emissions. But in the meantime we'll use the solutions we have

Curiosity, research, commitment and an open mind, to receive the signals that can lead to the discovery of new sustainable horizons. For the planet, too.

A centuries-old forest where nature and art blend together: stones, logs and leaves come surprisingly to life

Destination Val di Sella, in Trentino: discovering the Arte Sella project on the relationship between man and the environment, a permanent exhibition of "Art in Nature".

The mountains saved me, and now it is my turn to save the mountains

A dream fueled by great passion. Then, a sudden accident. Which changes destiny and opens up a new future: that of mountaineer Hervé Barmasse.

Visions, specialisms and blinkers

"Environmental thought" starts from the ability to observe a phenomenon and know how to make wider connections. A few experiences.

The watercolours of nature

Creating art from Nature. The visionary ecstasy of the artist Nicola Magrin.

The art of foraging

Name: Valeria Margherita Mosca.
Passion: the environment, and collecting wild, unexpected plants and fruits in total respect of nature.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Exploiting natural resources less than - or at least equally to - the speed at which they regenerate:
How can we do that?

The unstable balance

The paradox of biodiversity: maintaining stability while encouraging dynamic evolution. But what if men did the same?

A conversation with Luca Albrisi

From an anthropocentric vision of the world to putting nature first once again: going back to our original balance with nature according to the “Alpine nomad”.

From bycatch to surplus

How to safeguard marine biodiversity: saying yes to focusing on minor fish species to curb the exploitation of commercial interest stocks.

Forests: an antiviral resource

Nature vs. Man
How destroying biodiversity and ecosystem balance is responsible for at least half of emerging diseases.

Learning from history

Abandoning the International Style codes and the certainties of concrete to resist climate change.
Just like history teaches us the world over.

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