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Luca Locatelli, the portrait of a possible future

An image contains within it a promise: to tell a story, to strike a chord, to create a dream or to make you reflect.

Luca Locatelli does all of these things.

Luca Locatelli is a photographer, filmmaker and environmentalist, twice winner of the World Press Photo Contest in the environment category. His works have been published in important magazines such as The New York Times, TIME, National Geographic Magazine and Wired, and exhibited in art galleries of international renown, such as the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Shanghai Center of Photography.

Luca unites art, science and journalism with the goal of making those who look at his photos reflect on the human experience and the future of our planet.
He collaborates with editors, journalists, environmentalists and scientists to translate data and scientific results into emotionally captivating images, with the mission of communicating with a wide audience and creating a strong impact.

His photos have great evocative power; they immediately transport us to a futuristic setting, typical of a science fiction film.
However, the goal is not to create a feeling of suspense, but to document the virtuous examples of technology that is helping us to tackle the climate crisis.

Indeed, Luca travels a lot, and - from one image to another - he offers us a map of a possible world. A world in which nature, mankind and technology live in symbiosis with respect for the delicate natural balances that must no longer be ignored.

Places with incredible stories of redevelopment, circular economy, waste disposal and recovery, sustainable production of resources.

An example is the zero-emission waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen, able to work with biomass, which functions as a ski slope and a centre for education on climate change. Or the iconic cooling tower in Germany, now transformed into a chairoplanes ride. The all-Italian story, in Prato, where textile waste is recycled and sorted. The forest of turbines in the Baltic Sea, to produce renewable energy. The bioreactor made with seaweed in Montana, which is able to clean city water and produce bioplastic.

These images tell stories of existing solutions, which are reproducible and scalable, and offer proof of a future that is not only possible, but already being built.

A project that aims to send a message of hope and kindness, especially to future generations. Indeed, over time, we have attached expectations of disappointment, catastrophe and fear to our image of the future.

Luca doesn't like this.

He wants to show young people that the future can be different, and can be full of hope and opportunity, opening up a debate on the solutions.

In order to reach and mobilise a wide audience, the photographer uses popular channels such as social media, exhibitions and other useful tools to spread his message. He is sure that these examples will stimulate the minds of a generation that is less conservative when it comes to technology, and has environmental issues in its very DNA.

This is a project, then, which is kind in content and in form; it shows approaches that are kind to planet Earth, relationships between people, and the possibilities offered by combining all this with science and technology.

In the hope of inspiring just as many more kind approaches, and creating a positive change in the world.


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