“I am the fruit 
of innumerable contrasting grafts”

Italia, Giuseppe Ungaretti

As farmers and those working in agriculture know well, grafting is an old technique that can improve a plant and its resistance – indeed, it is often natural, made by the plant itself without man’s interference. When he does interfere, however, it is to blend together different elements in order to create greater value.

This is the idea behind INNESTI (“grafting”, in English), a new project that wants to pose itself as the basis of a new culture, a renewed importance of the idea of sustainability. What this magazine is, is a unique place, a space where we can all dream about a better, more sustainable future; one where we truly walk into another’s shoes to become aware of our power for change.

But how can we do that? How can we create something that is not there yet?

The answer is not as hard as you might think. Grafting here becomes a metaphor for something bigger, a shield to hide behind in looking for projects, research, good habits and practices, trends – stories, in short – that can bring back meaning to the idea of sustainability, a word that is now in tatters from too much use. The idea is therefore to take inspiration from the CAVIRO model and to start over from the very roots of this concept, focusing on a more personal dimension of reality and of everyday life, exploring the environment we live in, talking to people, discovering the different production systems, and coming full cycle back to the earth.

It sounds simple – and why should it not? Simple gestures, awareness of our surroundings, realization of the role we play... These might be only simple steps, but it’s the light breeze that makes big waves and changes the world.

INNESTI, a way to collect these simple stories and make these waves.

Once a company was valued only according to the usual economic and financial indicators but nowadays, that is no longer the case. Rather, it is increasingly considered according to the impact it has on the environment and area in which it operates, and that is why we are particularly proud to present the first Sustainability Report of the CAVIRO Group.

According to the Brundtland Commission in 1987, sustainable development is the “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. In the following years, practical ideas were added to the original definition, like when the member countries of the UN signed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015, listing seventeen specific goals to be achieved to bring the world on the road of sustainability.

Among the many definitions that the word has taken on, there is one in particular which we find close to our heart: “sustainability means that a certain process can be maintained over time”. And since the sustainability processes merge over a variety of spheres (social, environmental, and economic), it is easy to see how central this issue is for us. We are sustainable from an economic point of view because our financial statements reflect our solidity and allow us to plan for long-term projects;

we are sustainable from a social point of view because the effects of our financial statements have a positive impact on the whole community; finally, we are sustainable from an environmental point of view because our commitment to and care for the circular economy determines clear benefits on the whole area. Moreover, let’s remember that, by its very nature, the cooperative model is already fair and predisposed to integration and to creating social networks in the area it works in. Drawing up a Sustainability Report was, therefore, a rather natural move for us.

From the very beginning, CAVIRO has defined its mission - and therefore its business model - on tenets such as the synergy between processes, consumers’ health and well-being, the reduction of environmental impact and of waste, human resources, care for social issues, and the creation of structures and plans that can last over time.

Over time, these practices, symbols of our cooperative way of doing and thinking, have proved to be indispensable, a strategy that allowed us to create shared value and to leave a better world to our children. Today, our first Sustainability Report serves to highlight what we have been doing for a long time, liaising and discussing with all stakeholders. Indeed, it is a new and challenging starting point, one which sets the tone to our decision to continuously improve and strive towards concrete, sustainable behaviours. This, like all enterprises, requires perseverance and tenacity, but above all sharing with others. So, happy reading!

The President

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