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What does kindness have to do with our Stories of Sustainability?

In March 1963, Seiji Kaya, Dean of the University of Tokyo, made a farewell speech to the graduating students that began with these words: "I hope that you will all be courageous in practicing "small kindnesses", creating a wave of kindness that will one day wash over the whole of Japanese society". His words were so impactful and engaging that they soon spread through all the newpapers, and shortly thereafter the Small Kindness Movement was formed, which over these last sixty years has reached every continent, and among other things, promotes World Kindness Day every year, celebrated on 13th November.

Kindness is a choice, and every day we can decide to adopt kind behaviour towards others and the environment where we live. But that's not all. Kindness can become appealing, a push to make more careful, conscious choices. Our days are filled with moments when we can perform kind gestures or make small kind choices: from what we eat to how we dress, what we read or buy, how we travel or how we decide to spend our free time. Kindness is mankind's greatest delight (as Marcus Aurelius said!), and it encompasses a range of feelings and attitudes that include philanthropy, altruism, solidarity, empathy; kindness goes hand in hand with civility and grace. Above all, it is founded on sensitivity towards others and the planet, and the ability to identify with those around us. For all these reasons, "Kindness" is the theme we have chosen for the new issue of Innesti, helping to feed the wave with our stories, in the hope of inspiring you with kind ideas and solutions. 

Martina Liverani
nature and
Renoon, a guide for making conscious choices

A responsible wardrobe? Ask Renoon, a platform that collects multi-brand labels online to provide clear, comprehensive traceability information.

Luca Locatelli, the portrait of a possible future

A seaweed bioreactor, a waste to energy plant that is now a ski slope, a forest of turbines. Photographs as messages of hope.

Nature has positive vibrations

From the electric impulses of plants to the stage at Sanremo: with Dardust, music becomes a brand new relationship between man and nature.

food and
Discovering words, rediscovering food

Have you been wondering what and how to eat for a better world? Here is some recommended reading.

Planeterranean: the diet that respects the unique aspects of every population

From Naples to the rest of the world. Research on a healthy dietary and behavioural model, and the global challenge of exporting it with solutions that are tangible and sustainable for all.

20 years of SITICIBO

Discover the Food Bank programme: the chain of giving that creates a balance between excess food and food shortages, with a social, anti-waste message.

VillageCare: supporting an army of caregivers

Helping those who help. The national social welfare portal from the Benefit Corporation, which offers services and support for taking care of our vulnerable elderly relatives.

Udinese Calcio: sustainability is a team sport

First in Italy and fourth in Europe for its green policy goals and community initiatives. An interview with Director Franco Collavino.

The gentle beauty of paper

Caterina Crepax, daughter of the famous cartoonist, and her creations made from a material that brings together sustainability and beauty in its artistic expression.

Beyond boundaries, the search for happiness is a journey with a gentle soul

Celebrities, migrants, "untouchables". Travelling around the world, the Happiness Project's social research finds that kindness is always the answer.

Drawing a gentle revolution

Enrica Mannari, the "emotional educator". The illustrator's commitment to launching restorative projects in Italy, with messages conveyed through drawing and writing.

A kind revolution: the courage to change the world

Discover Gentletude and its restorative abilities. Neuroscience confirms it: being kind feeds empathy, benefits the planet and connects nations!

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