And you, do you just run?

For a highly trained runner, a strange, but at the same time extraordinary thing happens while running: the body no longer needs the mind, the head it belongs to, because it knows what it has to do, and it is as if it were saying "Go, don't worry, I'll take care of this!".
The first time it happened to me, I don't even remember how far I went, but I spent the entire run thinking, reflecting, daydreaming. It was wonderful.
You start running, and almost immediately you go into this trance-like state, where few things can distract you from your thoughts.

Then, during the pandemic, when solitary outings led me to run in deserted areas, silent, empty of people, there were even fewer distractions and the feeling of wellbeing I felt was even stronger.
However, something unexpected is always around the corner, and the reawakening is immediate.

August 2020: on the ground, to my right, around ten metres away from me, a light blue object distracts me from my thoughts. I slightly deviate my trajectory in its direction and immediately recognise what it is: yet another face mask thrown on the ground.
No problem, I think, I'll do what I normally do: I slow my stride, bend down, stretch out my hand, grab it and continue running. Done and done. Here, though, comes the unexpected.
A child on his push-bike, busy on his own run, follows my movement, and with his curious gaze focused on my gloved hand (better to pick up masks this way!), points at me, turning towards his parents next to him with an inquisitive air.

And I have a revelation. I see myself through his eyes: a type of superhero, or a bizarre runner? And in that precise moment, CORROCOLGUANTO is born.

A primordial energy and the desire to make a dream come true become overpowering.
Running is no longer enough for me; running faster or further are no longer my top goals: now I aspire to a higher level, I want to take a different path, a better one.

Now my nights are spent charged with irrepressible emotion; I want to do something to try and make a difference, to try to spread my own enthusiasm to many other people, I want to become the protagonist of something big, and share the stage with as many actors as possible.
I long for the strength and popularity of a community.

Trying to do something to change things, trying to change the conscience of the people you meet along the road, and trying to imprint on them so that all of them can fall asleep as simple runners and wake up as runners with gloves, thanks to that simple switch that takes away nothing, but adds the power of a small gesture for our great planet.

#corrocolguanto started in Monza, that August in 2020, with a clear, precise goal: raise awareness of environmental education through the promotion of individual wellbeing, by carrying out physical activity, combined with the promotion of community wellbeing, by collecting waste found along the route.

#corrocolguanto cannot clean all the streets on the planet, but we can at least clean those we come across; it does not aspire to a fleet of marathon-running street sweepers who will form an army of volunteers against pollution, but aims to raise people's awareness through its message of empowerment.

Running is a carefree, regenerative sport, as long as the route is pleasant and the air breathable.

Never be ashamed of keeping your own home clean and dignified, but instead take care of it and protect it with pride.

And if you do it with a smile, everything is easier.

The slogan "Where we go, the grass is greener", the name #corrocolguanto and the logo, a glove with a hashtag, aim to make the Anglo-Swedish term "plogging" - the crasis of the verbs plocka upp (pick up in Swedish) and jogging - more intuitive and effective. Today, there are large, widespread communities of ploggers, some more and some less organised.

The white glove with the hashtag has caught on fast and many groups, thanks to social media, are coming forward to share its message. In short, the uncontrollable energy of a handful of friends and the desire to make a great dream come true has become reality.
In just over two months, the first Giro d'Italia will start.

Over 50 groups scattered across the entire country have responded to our simple appeal: to organise the first event to raise awareness of the environment aimed at everyone in Italy, for an entire year. In 46 consecutive stages, one for every weekend, each group has organised, is organising and will organise its own stage, with the involvement of administrations, associations, schools and individual citizens in the care, regeneration and shared management of common assets through physical activity (running or walking) outdoors in the local territory (parks and cities), picking up all the waste it is possible to pick up with gloves and a bag along the route.

Things can take an unexpected turn, thanks to an unforeseen event, and a single man can trigger a change with a simple gesture. Every one of us can do a lot, because when imitated or exponentially replicated, this will actively contribute to the ecological transition.

That day an unexpected event along our path points out a new route... Who wants to imitate and replicate it?


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Where there is a journey, there is always a change.
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