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Where there is a journey, there is always a change.

When we speak about routes, what immediately comes to mind is fascinating words that evoke vast spaces and long journeys, but they can also be small, daily trips, or even imaginary travels. Because the best part of a journey is the route itself, which can be planned in advance, or changed on the go; it can take us right where we wanted to go, or open up paths we would never have thought of following.

Indeed, as they say, the journey is more important than the destination. This is the concept we wanted to represent in this issue of INNESTI, dedicated to routes, also espousing the words of the great traveller and storyteller, Mario Soldati, who wrote: the voyage is a feeling, not just a fact. 
The routes we have collected together are metaphors for change, awakening and transformation. Each one of our writers has described a different route, helping to build a web of inspiration that spans from the great spaces of an atlas, and migrations, to the journeys of the supply chain of a product, or the transformation of a material. And it matters little what ground you walk on, whether it is an ancient forest or the pavement of a metropolis; the important thing is to keep moving, and keep changing.
You don't need to go far, or even move physically - what counts is being able to change your perspective, your point of view. A route is the beauty of the departure, but also the satisfaction of the arrival. From every trip we come back different, maybe better, enriched by experiences and encounters. What is certain is that we will never go back to how we were before.  

Martina Liverani
nature and
And you, do you just run?

The story of CORROCOLGUANTO, and those who lead by example in environmental education. A new path. Not longer or faster, but better.

Mobile and immobile migrants, but all caused by the climate

Move, adapt or become extinct: these are the possible reactions to the climate crisis. Analysing a phenomenon that involves the entire international community.

The Park of Sacred Forests

Discovering the ancient history of the relationship between mankind and the forest, and the safeguarding of the current protected area that spreads over the Tuscany-Romagna Apennines.

food and
Green Stars: on the road for sustainable haute cuisine

The historic Michelin Guide, dedicated to culinary hospitality around the world, looks to the future after over 100 years: Marco Do explains their new award.

When you think of cacao, what do you imagine?

Slavery free! This way, chocolate really is "good". The founding of Women for Cacao and Chocolate, to promote the people and processes in the supply chain around the world.

Al Mèni and the fairytale of flavour

Bottura at the helm of an open-air culinary laboratory where chefs, artisans and farmers offer food and products lovingly made by hand.

People to people: journeys that transform the world

When solidarity and sustainability embrace the entire planet: Humana, an international network for development projects and reusing second-hand clothes.

The Italian Atlas of the Circular Economy: a journey around a circular Italy

A unique tool, online and free, for mapping and spreading awareness of Italian businesses that use sustainable economic systems.

Steel packaging, never-ending value

A journey through the life cycle of the raw material that is 100% recyclable forever. Leading the way are the awareness-raising activities and initiatives of RICREA.

Safar with Carla, a bet on travelling from home

Live virtual tours abroad, with a local guide? Now it is a reality. A link to immersive experiences for discovering the world, from home or at school.

BICITALIA: the story of the national cycle path network

The FIAB representative for the Bicitalia project explains the history and evolution of the national cycle network, to encourage the development of cycle mobility.

Generosity: the road to sustainability

The importance of a culture of social and environmental responsibility... following our hearts above all. The words of the Condé Nast Global Sustainability Ambassador.

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