Steel packaging, never-ending value

From raw material, to packaging, to recycling, able to be reborn into a new life: 100% recyclable, indefinitely, steel is a perfect example of the circular economy.

Containers made from this valuable material stand out for their well-structured life cycle: a journey that begins in the steelworks, where, from a pure iron-carbon alloy obtained through a process of fusion, it is transformed into semi-finished products for various sectors, including the mechanical, construction, automotive and packaging industries.

Drums and buckets for paints; tins for meat, preserved vegetables and fish products; crown caps; decorative tins for confectionery; aerosol cans... A great many different types of containers are made.
Once they have exhausted their function, after the consumption of the products they contain, they are ready to take on another one, no less important: becoming a secondary raw material (processing scraps from raw materials or materials derived from the recovery and recycling of waste), to be recycled.

The right path for steel

RICREA has bet on this fantastic material, with such a hypothetically long life.
But for the steel's journey to begin, it is essential to be able to count on the contribution of citizens, separating their steel packaging at home, and the Municipality, which carries out sorted waste collection services through companies that manage this type of operation.

After being prepared through special operations for cleaning, volume reduction and detinning, and transformed into scrap, the containers can be melted to form semi-finished products, which can be used to make new everyday steel products such as bicycles, benches, and even railway tracks!

Education and Awareness

RICREA carries out institutional initiatives throughout the national territory to raise awareness, aimed at all citizens, but also to verify collection flows.
Capitan Acciaio and Cuore Mediterraneo are two examples of initiatives to raise awareness.

Capitan Acciaio is an annual road show that travels around Italian cities, focusing on the titular superhero, who allows us to reach, inform and educate adults and children on the waste collection methods present in each Municipality, and the different types of steel packaging and their sustainability characteristics, through activities and creative workshops.
Cuore Mediterraneo is a campaign that travels the beaches of Italy, in collaboration with Legambiente's Green Schooner: a journey of discovery of the habits of Italians, in connection with steel and its collection, combined with comprehensive information on the importance of correct waste separation.


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