When you think of cacao, what do you imagine?

When we speak about the food supply chain, we often refer to the fact that, like other goods, it links people who are strangers to each other, far apart, creating routes and connections.

More in general, we use the term supply chain to indicate the chain of transfers necessary for the production and distribution of a food product, which often involves diverse countries, places and environments.

These routes start their journey in the fields, and finish at the table.
But they often don't consider the smaller roads that branch off, at the level of human and economic relations, into the houses and lives of the people who actively take part in this supply chain. A thread that unfurls through families of workers, radiates across an entire territory, weaves a web, a crossroads of many different threads and experiences.

Let's take the chocolate supply chain, for example.

But what is the typical identikit of a cocoa farmer?


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