the story of a sustainable dream

What happens when fantasy meets reality? A dream comes true.

Bee it came out of the determination and courage of a child who braved the improbable and opened the doors to hope. Convinced that he could save a dying bee on the surface of the water, he took it to the water's edge and fed it with a drop of honey: it started to fly again.
A life lesson imparted by a child full of hope, guided by the instinctive ability to combine fantasy and reality. Vital energy inserted into an interaction between mankind and the environment. 

Saving bees and creating new synergy between mankind and the environment is also the mission of Bee it, created with a precise idea for a project: "beauty that saves the bees". 

How do we intend to save the bees? Through the distribution of organic, sustainable and inclusive cosmetics, the profit from which will be used to create Bee Oases where bees can be undisturbed in their habitat and reproduce.

A Bee Oasis is an area free of monocultures and pesticides, where flowers and plants are grown that will regenerate the soil, absorb CO2, lower global warming and - most importantly - repopulate bees and other pollinating insects.
The goal is to trigger a change in habits, or rather, give our habits an added value, so they can take on a new meaning.
Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner: everyone uses them. But while thinking about your own wellbeing, you can also think about the wellbeing of the bees. And do something about it.
Our motto and our credo is Beelieve in Yourself: we need to have faith in ourselves and in what every one of us can do for the planet. We don't need to be heroes, or do something spectacular; it is by adding together many small actions that we can make a big difference.

Empowering a consumer doesn't just mean attracting their attention to eco-friendly products, or explaining how to distinguish types of packaging, but also winning over their conscience.
And every conscience won is a victory for the planet.
To do this, we have tried to create a virtuous cycle in which human wellbeing can generate bee wellbeing, and the product of bee wellbeing, honey, will generate ingredients for human wellbeing. Simple!

"Beauty saves the bees" is on the market with just a few simple products, all made with love: the packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable (PP05 certified), and the organic formulas contain ingredients that are from 90-100% natural (ICEA certified) and effective active ingredients with the addition, of course, of propolis and organic honey. All the products are dermatologically tested and cruelty-free, and offer professional performance. Paraben and paraffin free, with all the characteristics that today's conscious consumers look for in a professional, high-quality product. The packaging speaks for itself, and the message SAVE THE BEES is central.

Because "Save the Bees" needs to be the message that powers our community of consciences, ready to support and spread Bee it's mission.

Because in the last thirty years - just in Europe - the number of bees has dropped by 70%, and their average lifespan has significantly decreased: from five to three years for queen bees, and from thirty to fifteen days for worker bees. This is a phenomenon affecting the whole world. From the nineties to today, there has been a 25% drop in reports of the different species of bees around the world. The main reasons include disease, parasites, and above all, stress connected to the sharp decline in varieties of wild plants, and the resulting impoverishment of the bees' diets. Added to this are changes in climate and the increase in the use of broad-spectrum insecticides that are becoming more powerful and dangerous. Bees are immensely valuable, because they are responsible for the reproduction of over 70% of existing plants; they are the real reason for the biodiversity that exists, the survival of plants, and therefore life on Earth.

On this journey, discovering how many people are ready to dream with us has been one of the most wonderful gifts, and also a great bringer of optimism for the future.
Doing good makes us happy, and it is contagious.


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