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Are we one, no one, or one hundred thousand?

Fingerprints are the mark left by the dermatoglyphics on the pads of our fingers; in other words, the collection of ridges and grooves in the skin that form different shapes on every one of us. They are characteristically individual, unique, and do not change over time. This is why they are used for personal identification.
Sometimes we don't realise how important and full of information our prints can be. It is no coincidence that we speak about our ecological footprint when measuring the impact of mankind on the planet and the amount of resources we need. To calculate it, the habits of every one of us are taken into consideration: food or living choices, purchasing or mobility choices; the waste we produce or the area of land we occupy; the energy we consume and the amount of carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere.
Why have we chosen "Identity" as the sustainability word for this new issue of Innesti? You will find the answers in the contributions from the authors, who have reflected on how personal and community identities are built, on how there are no choices that are truly individual without also being collective, and viceversa. We wanted to involve men and women who could describe projects and ideas that revolve around the concept of identity, and as always, they have done so using different languages, also telling us a lot about themselves. So the great Portuguese writer and poet Josè Saramago may have been right when he said that "Knowing where identity is is a question without an answer." Our task is to continue to search.

Martina Liverani
nature and
Bee it, the story of a sustainable dream

A project, a mission: promoting high-quality, sustainable cosmetics to help protect bees, the environment and our own lives.

Let's save our olive trees

The Apulian "patriarchs" at risk of extinction. A focus on Italy's most important olive-growing heritage, and actions to protect the "lineage" of thousands of years of history.

TerraLab and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles

From meetings among friends to exchange unused items, to the foundation of a charity that teaches a culture of responsibility and environmental protection.

food and
The truffle, through myth and reality

The white, or black, gold of the table, which has come through thousands of years of history and now looks to the future: from "the food of witches" to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Pizza and awareness: the recipe for PizzAut

Slow rising and inclusion. With these ingredients, autistic young people work alongside catering professionals, reclaiming their private and working lives.

To each his own menu

Krèsios: in the "industrious anthill" of chef Giuseppe Iannotti, sustainability is the house speciality. How Michelin-starred cuisine meets the identity culture of recycling.

Reading and building identity

Books, the masters of inner freedom: they open the cage of our ego and guide us in the ability to listen to others, understand ourselves, and be part of everything.

Auteur eco-visions

The Green Drop Award recognises the films that best interpret the values of ecology. From chronicle, to exposé, to prophecy: all the force of environmental cinema.

Why does your company exist?

NATIVA, the first certified B Corp in Italy, explains the revolution of its concept of enterprise. Because the Earth speaks to the conscience of the industrial man.

The Zeitgeist and cultural identity

Festival della Mente, a hotbed of topical, multi-disciplinary reflections for a broad, intergenerational audience. Because ideas drive the world!


A word, a call to action. The example of one of the first journalists in Italy who, for over 20 years, has been spreading the word of environmental issues through the mass media.

My story, your path, our future

Wellbeing is circular. The words of an executive coach, committed to reigniting the spark in human souls, to create a better world.

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