Sustainability. It is a word that we have got to know very well in recent years.

It almost begins with "SOS", a warning to act, to alert all our senses to the need to face an emergency situation. But today it has become so overused that I no longer like it: greenwashing is rampant, and everything is passed off as "green", planet-friendly, but then we discover that it pollutes or damages even more.

And since I work with words, I have started to look for some more effective synonyms.
Such as "regeneration", which contains the term "generate" and means to give a new life to what already exists, and "re-volution", a term suggested to me by the great pianist Giovanni Allevi, which he created by combining two spiritual words: "revolution and evolution". A concept that aspires to stir consciences in order to form a new collective identity, a generation of people who are more "evolved" and aware. 

I have always had a great regenerative force inside me - the need to put things right if they weren't good. As the third child of separated parents, the task of negotiation and diplomacy always fell to me: listening, finding the right words to fix the broken pieces or heal wounds. As I grew up, this natural inclination found a much more ambitious mission. I was lucky enough to be one of the first journalists in Italy to come across the issues of environmental protection.

There is No Planet B

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