To each his own menu

When I was little, I was fascinated by the movements of my mother and grandmother at the cooker, by their original recipes based on reusing leftovers and throwing away nothing, and still today I like to watch my mum working on her classics - such as ragù, and aubergine parmigiana - and breathe in the fragrances of home cooking.

This is also why our offer is constantly evolving. Last year, we discontinued our two historic blind menus, Mr. Pink and Mr. White, to focus on just one that is able to best express our entire culinary identity and philosophy.

This is how Mr. Brown was brought to life, as a homage to Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino. It is a tailor-made journey for the guest, who is guided, but not forced to follow it completely. The initial impact is unsettling: there is no menu, and we advise you to put your trust in a one-of-a-kind tasting journey. In the dark. The meal is customised, as it is developed specifically for each diner, adapting to desires and appetites; modular, changeable, variable, it is organised into three main moments: snacks on entry to be eaten with your hands, main dishes, and the finale of the desserts. A journey with no apparent structural logic; every dish is a moment in itself: I do this to keep those eating on their toes. The idea is to establish a special type of empathy with every single guest who guides us in the construction of their meal, even suggesting to us when to stop.

The courses are therefore variable, perfect and specially prepared for every diner, adjusted to best tell the complex story of Krésios with the right language. A direct relationship between the kitchen and the guest.

Mr. Brown is also the fruit of a very specific entrepreneurial choice, involving precise, anti-waste product management, a vision that has always made us stand out, that has never been in such perfect harmony with contemporary living as it is today, and that allows us to affirm that it is ethics that guides us, informing our philosophy. Always. In every area of our work.

I like to think of Krésios as an industrious anthill, where everyone has a role, moving, running back and forth, committed to completing his own work in a professional way, maintaining a constant rhythm, but with the ease of a dance that provides reciprocal help and support. There are no differences between us; everyone works hard to achieve the same goal: making the customer happy.

My anthill works constantly, it never stops. It didn't stop even during the pandemic, in the period when Krésios was forced to close: of course I couldn't leave my kitchen and waiting teams at home. So we found a way to design and develop a delivery system, studying every detail, from practical and sustainable packaging, to transport guaranteed and protected by a cold chain, right up to the development of individual dishes and their possible seamless reconstruction at home.


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