Giuseppe Iannotti


Born in 1982, I am a chef and owner of Krèsios, in Telese Terme in the Benevento area, a point of reference for culinary excellence in Campania, awarded with 1 star by the Michelin Guide in 2013, and 2 stars in the most recent 2022 edition. My cuisine goes hand in hand with research, experimentation, and the conception and creation of projects, such as 8pus fish delivery and Iannotti Lab, an interactive hotbed of culinary science. This means that every dish comes with a whole retinue of experience, technical and culinary expertise and lived life, which tells its story as it is tasted.


To each his own menu

Krèsios: in the "industrious anthill" of chef Giuseppe Iannotti, sustainability is the house speciality. How Michelin-starred cuisine meets the identity culture of recycling.

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