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The social henhouse network

Adopting a hen in the social henhouse is an initiative that combines ethics, environmental sustainability and social integration.

Speak as you eat

A journey into the history of the Italian language, where food and words are woven together, nourishing the identity and essence of our rich national culture.

Roots and Horizons: Caviro's journey through the country

Caviro puts sustainability initiatives into action, interweaving culture, community and innovation in a journey of progress and collective wellbeing.

What food do we want? Real or fake food? Natural or artificial?

Diet plays a key role in emissions. The alternative protein and 3D food sector is on the rise, while Italy remains sceptical about cultivated meat.

"Ask and it will be given", an almost perfect pairing!

Adua Villa explores the use of AI for wine-food pairings while reflecting on the benefits and ambiguities of this technology in the food and wine sector.

All set for coffee cells

Cellular agriculture is revolutionising the coffee industry: by growing coffee sustainably, it reduces emissions and helps conserve ecosystems.

Catastrophic goodness: the protagonists

The wave of "sweetness" that overwhelmed Emilia-Romagna after the floods in May 2023: when the strength of solidarity is greater than the power of the water.

The resilience of the mango

A goal cultivated seed by seed: create a billion places at the table around the world. Kenya's "mango women" and CEFA's development models.

The strength of sharing

"Me, Guenda and the Mad Gene": when a rare disease is fought with courage, and you make it into a book to tell a story of hope, prevention and the value of life.

Discovering words, rediscovering food

Have you been wondering what and how to eat for a better world? Here is some recommended reading.

Planeterranean: the diet that respects the unique aspects of every population

From Naples to the rest of the world. Research on a healthy dietary and behavioural model, and the global challenge of exporting it with solutions that are tangible and sustainable for all.

20 years of SITICIBO

Discover the Food Bank programme: the chain of giving that creates a balance between excess food and food shortages, with a social, anti-waste message.

From crooks to cooks: the recipe for rehabilitation

Baking their way to a new life. Interview with Chef Brozzetti: from a three-starred restaurant to a confectionery workshop in Padua prison.

Fabio Fazio: the publisher of good cheer

The “library of chocolate”: Lavoratti 1938. The historic brand is relaunched amid editorial projects, premium ingredients and high-profile collaborations.

Eating to fight the Mafia

“Mafie in pentola”: cooking up a culture of legality. The theatre performance that shines a spotlight on the unique produce grown on lands seized from the Mafia.

The truffle, through myth and reality

The white, or black, gold of the table, which has come through thousands of years of history and now looks to the future: from "the food of witches" to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Pizza and awareness: the recipe for PizzAut

Slow rising and inclusion. With these ingredients, autistic young people work alongside catering professionals, reclaiming their private and working lives.

To each his own menu

Krèsios: in the "industrious anthill" of chef Giuseppe Iannotti, sustainability is the house speciality. How Michelin-starred cuisine meets the identity culture of recycling.

Green Stars: on the road for sustainable haute cuisine

The historic Michelin Guide, dedicated to culinary hospitality around the world, looks to the future after over 100 years: Marco Do explains their new award.

When you think of cacao, what do you imagine?

Slavery free! This way, chocolate really is "good". The founding of Women for Cacao and Chocolate, to promote the people and processes in the supply chain around the world.

Al Mèni and the fairytale of flavour

Bottura at the helm of an open-air culinary laboratory where chefs, artisans and farmers offer food and products lovingly made by hand.

Too good to be thrown away: the idea of the magic box of leftovers

Stop food waste! The Too Good To Go revolution, which unites business owners and consumers. Just one small click to make a big change.

A simple pasta dish

The act of eating as a complex journey, full of sacred, agricultural, regional and identity-based connections.

The chef that gets his groceries in Amazonia

A new ethical cuisine is born: passion for food meets respect for local raw ingredients. From Brazil comes the example of Michelin-starred chef, Alex Atala.

An interview with Niko Romito

From the three-star Reale to a campus for the cooks of the future: the chef and his commitment to education for healthy, sustainable catering that is accessible to everyone.

Nature teaches and raises free, healthy young people

It improves self-esteem, creativity and wellbeing, and develops awareness: this is why the environment is the best teacher possible for children.

Art against hate

An interview with CIBO, the internationally renowned street artist who creates colourful food-themed murals to fight intolerance and racism in cities.

The limit between intensive and sustainable is a question of values. Responsible industrial leadership: the case of Tetra Pak

We respond to global problems with local solutions. And the president of the massive global producer knows the answer: "Don't produce more, but better".

A small individual change for great global results

Causing less of an impact on the ecosystem and reducing waste in the kitchen is easy. The words of Anne-Marie Bonneau, founder of the blog Zero-Waste Chef.

The pathways to sustainable food

Is a better system of farming possible? From Slow Food comes the international campaign Slow Meat. For the good of every living being and every ecosystem.

An impression of agro-ecology: good land is beautiful land

Rural regeneration needs to take a step forward: from the industrial supply chain to "brotherhood". Speaking to Lucio Cavazzoni, president of Good Land.

From luxury food to entomophagy, via food recycling

Aesthetics and ethics in a virtuous union that, far beyond the stereotyped images in advertising, inspires the food photography of Roberto Savio.

The ethics and aesthetics of leftovers: Massimo Bottura docet

The beauty and the goodness of Food for Soul, the project from the most famous Italian chef in the world, which combines surplus food recovery with social inclusion.

Serendipity and perseverance made me the chef of aboriginal culture

An interview with Jock Zonfrillo: how he has codified indigenous culinary traditions with a modern twist, recovering products with an ancient history.

Return to the Duke

The Policlinico di Milano, Milan General Hospital, from the history of "Ca' Granda" to the IRCCS Foundation.
A perfect example of returning to our origins to create a circular economy.

What if we all became "ethicarians"?

Pursuing a great dream: to create a "free-roaming" food culture with zero impact.
Juri Chiotti, the youngest Michelin-starred chef in Italy, tells his story.

The taste of the circular economy

Three-star chef Eneko Atxa speaks about the entrepreneurial vision of his eco-friendly, multi-award-winning restaurant concept: discovering Azurmendi.

A visionary with a refined palate

The future of cooking will never be able to do without the " ante litteram food blogger " par excellence: Artusi, the ambassador for Italian food culture.

An interview with Carlo Petrini

The founder of Slow Food's commitment never stops: "Terrafutura. Dialogues with Pope Francis on Integral Ecology" is out now.

Agricultural biodiversity and food&wine tourism

A new style of travelling? On the steps of local food & wine products.
A focus on the type of development that helps a country.

A meeting with Norbert Niederkofler

Direction: South Tyrol, San Cassiano in Alta Badia.
The Michelin 3-star chef tells us about his “Cook the Mountain” project, working hand in hand with nature.

The mediterranean diet: the perfect mix of health, culture, and sustainability

Not just health: an in-depth analysis of a sustainable diet that also features environmental, economic, and social benefits.

The unpredictability of life

Stronger than time, stronger than death: the story of Conciato Romano, father of all cheeses, and how it is intertwined with that of Franco, Manuel, and Fabio’s dream.

The new home cooking

What did you use all that yeast for?
To make bread! The symbol of life. A journey into the lockdown dynamics that brought home cooking to the fore.

Last minute market

When solidarity meets sustainability, the result is Zero Waste.
A conversation with Andrea Segrè, founder of this social initiative.

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