Roots and Horizons:

Caviro's journey 
through the country

In the last ten years, I have witnessed a true revolution at Caviro - a journey in which sustainability has become not only a pillar, but the soul of our company

This transformation has represented outwards growth, and a profound change that has touched every aspect of our existence as a company.

A journey that has interwoven our story with that of the communities and territory around us, symbolising a commitment that goes far beyond conventional sustainability practices, towards an approach that embraces all areas. Our vision has translated into open, constructive dialogue with all our stakeholders, expanding our social and environmental responsibility in increasingly innovative ways.

To explore and reflect on this journey, I interviewed Carlo Dalmonte, the Group's President and a key figure in this process of evolution.

Caviro has always put strong emphasis on its roots in the region and its synergy with the local community. How is this approach reflected in the company's philosophy?

Carlo Dalmonte: "Our connection with the region and local communities, especially in Forlì and Faenza, is the beating heart of our identity. This geographical and cooperative proximity "naturally guides" sustainable growth, allowing us to weave a network of support and collaboration that extends beyond company boundaries. Our broad, interconnected supply chain - "long and wide", as we call it - allows us to touch the lives of many families, contributing to their wellbeing. This has allowed us to open up a dialogue, not only with our main stakeholders, but also with less visible actors in this complex system, combining shared progress and collective wellbeing."

Speaking of education and the transfer of knowledge, how is the promotion of sustainability culture included in Caviro's programmes?

Carlo Dalmonte: "Education is an important value in the vision of a cooperative. Through significant collaborations with educational and academic organisations, such as the Persolino-Strocchi Institute in Faenza and the University of Bologna, we have the opportunity to get involved with the education of young people and integrate theory with practice, maintaining a focus on the future. This is a tangible commitment to passing on winemaking traditions and sustainable agriculture, which is fundamental to guarantee the transfer of knowledge, values and skills between generations."

Caviro's collaboration in the world of professional training shows deep roots. How has this network of relationships developed?

Carlo Dalmonte: "Our collaboration extends to a wide network of relationships. We collaborate with multiple organisations, each in a different but complementary way. Our synergy with the University of Bologna and the Bologna Business School is a clear example of this, with the fertile exchange between academia and the working world enriching both contexts. We also actively support education through the provision of scholarships with the Giovanni dalle Fabbriche Foundation, reflecting our commitment to future generations."

And this training programme is also aimed at us, the company's staff.

Carlo Dalmonte: "Yes, with LifeGate we have developed in-house training courses to consolidate our employees' environmental and social awareness. It is fundamental to promote a company culture that is in alignment with the Group's values and projects."

The plan to present our 2022 Sustainability Report at DAMS, in front of 200 students, was cancelled due to the devastating flood that brought Emilia-Romagna to its knees in May 2023, forcing us to address very different challenges. Fortunately, it was possible to present the 2023 Report right in the Faenza area; what did this mean for you?

Carlo Dalmonte: "The May 2023 flood was, and still is, an ordeal for us and the whole area, but we obviously didn't give up. This year we chose the MIC, the Faenza International Museum of Ceramics, for the presentation of our 2023 Sustainability Report. This decision underlines the importance of supporting local excellence and tradition, highlighting the cultural values we share with the community of Faenza and the whole of Romagna. The MIC has also recently opened an exhibition dedicated to Gio Ponti, which we have decided to support, because of its capacity to reflect the importance of our hands as a tool for creation, and the distinctive values of Made in Italy. This exhibition, which is open until the 13th October, celebrates artisan know-how, deeply resonating with our principles of work, community and collaboration."

When reflecting on Caviro's journey, what are the thoughts that emerge regarding our impact and our vision for the future?

Carlo Dalmonte: "Reflecting on our journey, I like to highlight that the initiatives put in place with regard to sustainability have both an eye to the future and a positive effect on the territory and our supply chain, touching all our stakeholders. Every one of our actions contributes in a small way to a continuous cycle that stimulates local development, for a more sustainable future. This is a virtuous circle that embraces the entire community, enriching us with new energy and vision."


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