Niko Romito was one of the first chefs to believe in the value of education. The academy that bears his name, with its seat in the wing opposite the restaurant Reale in the Casadonna complex, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. And soon it will become a real university campus.

The self-taught chef has always claimed to have "an obsession with education", the desire to share his expertise, and above all, the dream of training the cooks of the future. 

"Every educational model that wants to define itself as such has to be continuously rewritten, redeveloped and updated. At this precise historical moment, we need to train future cooks who will have to cook with the understanding that any creative practice must take second place to the pursuit of an indispensable ethical goal, which is the health of those eating", explained Romito, while in Dubai for the 2020 Expo.
Indeed, it was in Dubai that the chef announced that his Academy would become a real university campus.

"In 2011, I moved my restaurant to Castel di Sangro and I created Casadonna, and it was there I decided to open an advanced training academy. 10 years have passed, more than 280 young people have graduated from our course, and over 40 have achieved their dream of opening their own restaurants. Now, my academy will become a university campus focusing on the issues of innovation in food processing, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We will do this with a multidisciplinary approach to teaching: through research, development, and the diffusion of new methodologies and processes to be applied to collective nutrition in order to guarantee healthy, sustainable and accessible food."


Images Credits:
© andrea straccini
© Barbara Santoro
© Francesco Fioramonti

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