urban culture
Tactical urbanism: an art attack in the city

Art and tactical urbanism transform grey spaces into vibrant meeting places, promoting collective wellbeing.

Insuring the future: the ramifications of risk

In an era of change and great challenges, insurance policies must adapt, promoting sustainability and new lifestyles.

LEILA: dreams travel from one hand to another

We enter the world of Leila, where shared objects renew a sense of community, and the value of reuse slows down consumerism.

"Together is better" Let's map barriers together for more inclusive cities.

An app that makes cities accessible to all, removing architectural barriers and promoting social inclusion, thanks to technology. Download WeGlad and contribute!

Ubenwa: the Shazam for newborn health

A startup uses AI to diagnose neonatal conditions through crying. A revolution for newborn care in developing countries.

Fashion can count on Limitless Innovation’s integrated intelligence

Fashion and technology connected to drive innovation and promote sustainability. The metaverse offers many opportunities, but also poses many challenges.

The humanitarian power of social media

The voice of journalist Olena Kulygina travels across the borders of Ukraine, and encourages all countries to wrap hers in an embrace of brotherhood.

A bridge of multiculturalism through podcasting

PodDARE offers a "space to talk" that is free, multilingual and open to anyone who wants to express themselves and share ideas between cultures.

Solidarity Economy: an alternative model

Goal: everyone's quality of life. A modern economic system, based on solidarity and sustainability, is already a reality among people and enterprises in Italy and abroad.

VillageCare: supporting an army of caregivers

Helping those who help. The national social welfare portal from the Benefit Corporation, which offers services and support for taking care of our vulnerable elderly relatives.

Udinese Calcio: sustainability is a team sport

First in Italy and fourth in Europe for its green policy goals and community initiatives. An interview with Director Franco Collavino.

The gentle beauty of paper

Caterina Crepax, daughter of the famous cartoonist, and her creations made from a material that brings together sustainability and beauty in its artistic expression.

Power, control and the quality of recycling

The endless journey of a car tyre: with Ecopneus to learn how used rubber is converted into energy, football pitches, designer decor and street furniture.

The eco house: taking good practices from the past into the future

Eco-friendly urban evolution: building a model for cities that learns from the past and works like an ecosystem.

Historic villages and sustainable tourism

Relaunching the power of local: Italy’s national plan for villages. The keys to successful redevelopment. Commitment and analysis by ANCI, Italy’s Association of Municipalities.

Reading and building identity

Books, the masters of inner freedom: they open the cage of our ego and guide us in the ability to listen to others, understand ourselves, and be part of everything.

Auteur eco-visions

The Green Drop Award recognises the films that best interpret the values of ecology. From chronicle, to exposé, to prophecy: all the force of environmental cinema.

Why does your company exist?

NATIVA, the first certified B Corp in Italy, explains the revolution of its concept of enterprise. Because the Earth speaks to the conscience of the industrial man.

People to people: journeys that transform the world

When solidarity and sustainability embrace the entire planet: Humana, an international network for development projects and reusing second-hand clothes.

The Italian Atlas of the Circular Economy: a journey around a circular Italy

A unique tool, online and free, for mapping and spreading awareness of Italian businesses that use sustainable economic systems.

Steel packaging, never-ending value

A journey through the life cycle of the raw material that is 100% recyclable forever. Leading the way are the awareness-raising activities and initiatives of RICREA.

Theatre in times of ecological transition

Cycling for art! Claudio Longhi, the director of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, brings sustainability and self-production of energy to the stage.

Food, culture and territory. A heritage to protect and pass on

Discovering the GeCA project, a portal for Italian agricultural identity, with the director of the Central Institute for Intangible Heritage.


An exhibition on the connection between design and sustainability through the excellence of Italian creations, at Art Basel Miami.

Soil, "the factory" of life, is in danger. To take care of it, we need commitment from everyone

Analysis of an underestimated emergency and the response of the Re Soil Foundation, who are committed to spreading awareness and promoting land regeneration.

Animation has a history of environmentalism

"Art hasn't predicted the future, but it has been ahead of its time."
Giulietta Fara, the artistic director of the Future Film Festival, and the environmentalist messages in cinema.

Design for training in sustainability

A winning tool for solving problems and leading innovation: the value of this discipline, which is strategic right out of the university lecture hall.

Sustainable cities to save the planet

The interventions of Green Building Councils (GBCs) for environmental, economic and social sustainability in construction. And a reflection on the role of citizens.

Design for All: a sustainable future, for everyone

Focusing on design for human diversity, social inclusion and equality. Because true social sustainability must mean wellbeing for every person.

Communicating the challenge of sustainability

The climate crisis: on what basis can we map out our future? With Donato Speroni, we investigate the social, political and communicational responsibilities involved.

Sustainable mobility and urban consciousness will save the world

Technology and innovation guide us towards a more conscious future. But that isn't enough: we need to take on the social responsibility of a new urban culture.

Voices from the city

"If, when walking through the streets, you encounter a mural, slow down, look at it and listen to it." Iena Cruz and his urban art that spreads messages for a new awareness.

Packaging as a driver of the transition underway

Packaging: it deserves the credit for providing the most important push behind the green economy, and its new characteristics involve ethics, sustainability and marketing.

The 21st century city car is intelligent and organic

The automotive industry: how can we reduce its environmental impact? The answer is in re-using tomatoes, rice, soy and hemp. An organic revolution is underway.

The secrets of serendipity

Even in the world of science, accidental discoveries are never purely by chance.
Professor Pievani explains the importance of being "ready" for surprising results.

In the name of Vico

Knowing how to take a chance event and transform it into a true design icon.
Discovering the furniture designed by the talented Maestro Magistretti.

Sustainability is to stop breaking the world into pieces

Why is geography so important for sustainability?
Geographer Franco Farinelli explains.

An interview with Carlo Ratti

"An open city": the architect from the prestigious CRA studio explains what "the spaces of the future" will be like.

The nudge, a gentle push

It is the new "alphabet" that encourages virtuous behaviour, important for sustainability: a conscious citizen counts for more than a citizen bound by rules.

Fab City

Zero Waste: the new model of Data-in/Data-out and the balance between digital production technology and the idea of reusing raw materials.


The future belongs to those who share.
Cohousing: a new way of living by sharing common spaces that is taking the world by storm.

The development of e-mobility: the example of Tesla

Eco-mobility is not only electric cars:
how to fill the gap, as explained in Tesla Motors’s Master Plan.

Returning to the earth

Going past the “smart city”, and how many young entrepreneurs are beating the path to a sustainable development that starts from the land.

The city in suspended animation

The pandemic from an architectural point of view.
Giulio Ceppi and “smart citizens”: understanding space and finding a new way to live in the city.

Unpredictability as a blessing

“It’s in crisis that inventiveness is born”
Even with the Covid-19 emergency in full swing. The incredible story of the valves made with 3D printers for assisted breathing.

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