Claudio Longhi is the new director of Piccolo Teatro in Milan, as of December 2020.

He takes over from Sergio Escobar, who led the theatre with passion and authority for the previous 22 years.

Well aware of the problems that are threatening the planet today, at the moment of his nomination Longhi immediately declared that he wanted to put the theme of sustainability at the centre of the new direction taken by his leadership, certain of the role of responsibility that culture and theatre can perform in times of change:

"Today, the artistic, civil and political responsibilities of art direction are even more decisive for the creation of not only a new theatrical culture, but above all a new society."

"We find ourselves in a liminal phase, where we have to grapple with a system that was already cracking before the pandemic, and has now been put to the test in order to find a new balance. In this context, it is fundamental to listen to young people, as they are the most sensitive witnesses and astute interpreters of this transformation. Piccolo Teatro is a public theatre, and never before has its role been so necessary in the community - we must fully take on this responsibility."


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