Monica Sozzi

Journalist expert in sustainable development

A philosopher by vocation and training, I spent 10 years of my life in the risk analysis and predictive models sector as a financial analyst before deciding to leave that for a new challenge. So why not focus all my energy on the sector where I had seen the best rating and where I felt I wanted to make a difference - the environment?


Insuring the future: the ramifications of risk

In an era of change and great challenges, insurance policies must adapt, promoting sustainability and new lifestyles.

Nature has positive vibrations

From the electric impulses of plants to the stage at Sanremo: with Dardust, music becomes a brand new relationship between man and nature.

Fabio Fazio: the publisher of good cheer

The “library of chocolate”: Lavoratti 1938. The historic brand is relaunched amid editorial projects, premium ingredients and high-profile collaborations.

The Zeitgeist and cultural identity

Festival della Mente, a hotbed of topical, multi-disciplinary reflections for a broad, intergenerational audience. Because ideas drive the world!

Pizza and awareness: the recipe for PizzAut

Slow rising and inclusion. With these ingredients, autistic young people work alongside catering professionals, reclaiming their private and working lives.

Mobile and immobile migrants, but all caused by the climate

Move, adapt or become extinct: these are the possible reactions to the climate crisis. Analysing a phenomenon that involves the entire international community.

Theatre in times of ecological transition

Cycling for art! Claudio Longhi, the director of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, brings sustainability and self-production of energy to the stage.

Sport and the environment: a sustainable bond

From the UN 2030 Agenda to sports federations, via innovation: sport is an ideal channel for spreading eco-friendly culture.

Agriculture 4.0: the garden at the bottom of the sea

A 100% self-sufficient hydroponic agriculture system that is now reality. Discovering the extraordinary Italian project, Nemo's Garden.

Sustainable models for more ethical fashion and beauty

Pollution and inequality: these are the environmental and social responsibilities of the fashion industry. The World Sustainability Organisation gives us the first solutions.

The most sustainable garments are the ones we already have

An interview with Marina Spadafora, an ambassador for ethical fashion around the world, on the need for brands and consumers to adopt truly sustainable goals.

A centuries-old forest where nature and art blend together: stones, logs and leaves come surprisingly to life

Destination Val di Sella, in Trentino: discovering the Arte Sella project on the relationship between man and the environment, a permanent exhibition of "Art in Nature".

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