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It doesn't matter that we are small, or far from each other, that we are different, or in small numbers: what counts is being connected.

Connection is a word that we often abuse when we speak of social networks and technology, but its essence is ancient and primitive, and has to do with the human soul; it is both a need and a quality, one of the most valuable we have, which we have always carried with us: friendship, exchange, understanding, company and union are all aspects of the connection created between people and their ideas, allowing us to live fully and consciously.
Mankind searches for connection because it is indispensable for our evolution, and connection needs mankind to regenerate and become ever stronger.

We are connected when we attend a show at the theatre, when we create value through an app that unites the food supply chain to avoid waste; there is connection in the cooking of a chef who combines territory and origins in the Amazon Rainforest. An obvious symbol for connection is water - in the seas and the oceans - which encourages exchange and communication.

And connections are there even when we can't see them. Actions and reactions are the result of connections that either come about spontaneously or are planned. In this case too, nature can be our teacher, because in nature everything is connected: this means that a small change in one part of the system will have repercussions in another, whether or not we want it to or contribute to it.
Just like in the poem by Walt Whitman, Song of Myself 31, which begins with the line: "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars".

Martina Liverani
nature and
Vertical farming: technology meets agriculture

Planet Farms, the revolutionary project that responds to the scarcity of fertile soil and water with sustainability and innovation.

Between the sea and the land

The danger of ghost nets. A journey with Marco Spinelli to raise public awareness of the issue of marine ecosystems.

Guardians of biodiversity

Soil conservation and the correct management of water resources: the strategy from CONAF which combines science, agriculture and ecology, protecting the planet.

food and
Too good to be thrown away: the idea of the magic box of leftovers

Stop food waste! The Too Good To Go revolution, which unites business owners and consumers. Just one small click to make a big change.

A simple pasta dish

The act of eating as a complex journey, full of sacred, agricultural, regional and identity-based connections.

The chef that gets his groceries in Amazonia

A new ethical cuisine is born: passion for food meets respect for local raw ingredients. From Brazil comes the example of Michelin-starred chef, Alex Atala.

Theatre in times of ecological transition

Cycling for art! Claudio Longhi, the director of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, brings sustainability and self-production of energy to the stage.

Food, culture and territory. A heritage to protect and pass on

Discovering the GeCA project, a portal for Italian agricultural identity, with the director of the Central Institute for Intangible Heritage.


An exhibition on the connection between design and sustainability through the excellence of Italian creations, at Art Basel Miami.

Fashion and sustainability: let's make things clear

Eco-friendly clothing through the lens of the climate emergency, the production practices of fashion brands, and new requests from consumers. An analysis of ethical fashion.

Italians and sustainability: working towards a possible connection

In Italy, the "green revolution" is already a reality. The changes that have made us into ecomodernists.

LifeGate, a sustainability lab active for two decades

New horizons. An example of how to pursue sustainability through new languages, from publishing projects to actions to defend the planet.

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