The future is unpredictable, fortunately.

Science is not powerless, but my years of study and work have shown me that not everything is foreseeable, not in the stars, not on Earth.” – Margherita Hack

Nobody can know the future – but is that really a bad thing? Or isn’t it perhaps that part of sustainability is also unpredictability, the idea that no one really knows what is coming? If that is the case, we should see this as an added value to our lives, welcome it, and use it to prepare for a future that is, in any case, coming. It is with this in mind that we decided to dedicate the first issue of our magazine, Innesti (“grafting”, in English), to unpredictability and to those people that have been able to use this apparent disadvantage into a type of strength.

Our magazine is all about sustainability, and in this issue – with topics ranging from agriculture to urban digital production, from marine biodiversity to the fashion system – you will find stories that will prompt you to think about unpredictability as an added value, as a way to think outside the box and succeed; they will show you how losing control is sometimes a good thing, and how collaborating with nature the way to move forward into the unknown.

Nobody can know the future – but is that really so? Or is it perhaps that our behaviour and choices are what shape our future? It is the paths we take or leave, after all, that can make a change and start new projects. But at the same time, embracing innovation and unpredictability can be the true driving force behind our fight against the instability and precariousness of our present, and an important part of transforming negative experiences into something incredible. Just like in agriculture, when grafting gives birth to beauty.

Martina Liverani
nature and 
From bycatch to surplus

How to safeguard marine biodiversity: saying yes to focusing on minor fish species to curb the exploitation of commercial interest stocks.

Forests: an antiviral resource

Nature vs. Man
How destroying biodiversity and ecosystem balance is responsible for at least half of emerging diseases.

Learning from history

Abandoning the International Style codes and the certainties of concrete to resist climate change.
Just like history teaches us the world over.

food and 
The unpredictability of life

Stronger than time, stronger than death: the story of Conciato Romano, father of all cheeses, and how it is intertwined with that of Franco, Manuel, and Fabio’s dream.

The new home cooking

What did you use all that yeast for?
To make bread! The symbol of life. A journey into the lockdown dynamics that brought home cooking to the fore.

Last minute market

When solidarity meets sustainability, the result is Zero Waste.
A conversation with Andrea Segrè, founder of this social initiative.

Returning to the earth

Going past the “smart city”, and how many young entrepreneurs are beating the path to a sustainable development that starts from the land.

The city in suspended animation

The pandemic from an architectural point of view.
Giulio Ceppi and “smart citizens”: understanding space and finding a new way to live in the city.

Unpredictability as a blessing

“It’s in crisis that inventiveness is born”
Even with the Covid-19 emergency in full swing. The incredible story of the valves made with 3D printers for assisted breathing.

The extraordinary power of alcohol

Nature itself offers us a solution against viruses, and the largest wine-making cooperative in Italy quickly provided it to the market:
The alcohol by CAVIRO Extra.

The little toxic cloud: the story of andrea and his farm

Unpredictable events happen, and they change the course of things.
It is up to us to grasp their potential for fruitful transformations.

The unforeseeable and the fashion system

React and act. Now.
How the Italian fashion sector has responded to the unexpected global health emergency.

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