Giovanni Dinelli

University professor and researcher

I am Tenured Professor of General Agronomy and Herbaceous Cultivations and Director of the Post-Graduate Diploma Programme “Organic Production” offered by the University of Bologna, Department of Agro-Food Science and Technology. With over 200 publications under my belt, I am currently teaching and working as a university researcher as well as being a speaker at numerous national and international conferences in the field of agronomy and the enhancement of national agricultural production.


The unstable balance

The paradox of biodiversity: maintaining stability while encouraging dynamic evolution. But what if men did the same?

The little toxic cloud: the story of andrea and his farm

Unpredictable events happen, and they change the course of things.
It is up to us to grasp their potential for fruitful transformations.

Last minute market

When solidarity meets sustainability, the result is Zero Waste.
A conversation with Andrea Segrè, founder of this social initiative.

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