Silvia Botti

President of the Giovanni Michelucci Foundation

Architect and journalist, until 2020 editor-in-chief of the international architecture and design magazine Abitare, now president of the Giovanni Michelucci Foundation in Fiesole. The "beauty" was  my leitmotif, later leading me back to work on research and communication projects regarding the development of the Milan and of the North West area of Italy within the Department of Architecture and Planning of the Milan Politecnico University.



The future belongs to those who share.
Cohousing: a new way of living by sharing common spaces that is taking the world by storm.

Returning to the earth

Going past the “smart city”, and how many young entrepreneurs are beating the path to a sustainable development that starts from the land.

Learning from history

Abandoning the International Style codes and the certainties of concrete to resist climate change.
Just like history teaches us the world over.

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