Fortune is an attitude.

If it is true that life is a series of unexpected events and opportunities, what makes it unique and special is the way each of us reacts when faced with these unexpected events, and how we seize the opportunities that come our way. Facing reality with the attitude of someone who knows how to make the most of every detail (even unexpected ones) and learning as a result, is encapsulated by serendipity, which is the word we have chosen for this edition of Innesti, and has its origin in a very, very old story. 

In Serendip (present-day Sri Lanka), there lived a very powerful King named Giaffer who had three sons. They were very well-educated, because they had studied with the greatest masters, but entirely lacking in life experience, because they had never left the kingdom. So the father decided to send them out into the world to learn about life beyond their schoolbooks. "During their travels - writes Cristoforo Armeno, translating the fable Travels and Adventures of the Three Princes of Serendip for the first time in 1548 - they made several discoveries thanks to chance and their sagacity." 

And it is from this very behaviour that two centuries later, in 1754, the English writer Horace Walpole coined the word "serendipity", namely the ability to identify and interpret unexpected events while searching for something else. Often used in a scientific context, or to affirm the power of "chance" or fortuitous discoveries, we have chosen this word because it indicates a sustainable mindset. 

What has serendipity got to do with sustainability? It is about living with more awareness, with sharp eyes and an open mind, with agility and instinct, gratitude and curiosity. Moving forward not to achieve goals, but to follow our own values, and find ourselves in good company. Just as the protagonists of the stories we have collected in this edition have done - we invite you to read them with serendipity.

Martina Liverani
nature and
We need bright ideas with low emissions. But in the meantime we'll use the solutions we have

Curiosity, research, commitment and an open mind, to receive the signals that can lead to the discovery of new sustainable horizons. For the planet, too.

A centuries-old forest where nature and art blend together: stones, logs and leaves come surprisingly to life

Destination Val di Sella, in Trentino: discovering the Arte Sella project on the relationship between man and the environment, a permanent exhibition of "Art in Nature".

The mountains saved me, and now it is my turn to save the mountains

A dream fueled by great passion. Then, a sudden accident. Which changes destiny and opens up a new future: that of mountaineer Hervé Barmasse.

food and
Serendipity and perseverance made me the chef of aboriginal culture

An interview with Jock Zonfrillo: how he has codified indigenous culinary traditions with a modern twist, recovering products with an ancient history.

Return to the Duke

The Policlinico di Milano, Milan General Hospital, from the history of "Ca' Granda" to the IRCCS Foundation.
A perfect example of returning to our origins to create a circular economy.

What if we all became "ethicarians"?

Pursuing a great dream: to create a "free-roaming" food culture with zero impact.
Juri Chiotti, the youngest Michelin-starred chef in Italy, tells his story.

The 21st century city car is intelligent and organic

The automotive industry: how can we reduce its environmental impact? The answer is in re-using tomatoes, rice, soy and hemp. An organic revolution is underway.

The secrets of serendipity

Even in the world of science, accidental discoveries are never purely by chance.
Professor Pievani explains the importance of being "ready" for surprising results.

In the name of Vico

Knowing how to take a chance event and transform it into a true design icon.
Discovering the furniture designed by the talented Maestro Magistretti.

A conversation with Oscar Farinetti

An interview with the founder of Eataly on the great moments of serendipity he has come across in the food and wine sector, collected in an extraordinary new book.

Intuition and preparation: this is how sustainability and the green economy come to life

Winning entrepreneurial models that teach us about the energy revolution, and stories of virtuous examples of ecological transition.

All the languages of the environment

Environmental journalism and a duty towards the community. The need to find new narrative codes to reach the public interest.

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