A collective motion, circular and dynamic

Every time we take a step, we must, for a fraction of a second, lose our balance before finding it again. And it has always been this way, from our very first step to the ones we continuously take in our day-to-day routine.

It is this search for balance, attempt at keeping it, and fear of losing it that are the foundations on which we build our every move, our every action in the world. Balance is what tells how to move around a city, how to live in our homes and use our things, how to dress, how to eat and drink. Balance is what allows us to develop as human beings, to relate to others and to the environment we live in. And balance is the main focus of this issue of Innesti, a collection of voices that grasp every nuance of the word.

But balance can also be plural, and it is with this in mind that we have imagined it as a collective, dynamic, and circular motion, a joint collaboration between nature and the economy.

What does a great chef, a designer, a mechanical designer, a farmer have in common? The need for evolution, endless change, knowing how to keep pace with the changing ecosystems and keep up with reality.

After all, harmony is the result of always adapting to a set of ever-changing forces and stimuli, and it is only by accepting this and living in peace with those around us that we can maintain our balance, something that is both communal and private, but always necessary. It is the relationship between man and the environment, between us and nature, and it is the quality of this relationship that gives us a true measure of the quality of our presence in the world.

Martina Liverani
nature and
A healthy mind in a healthy body

Exploiting natural resources less than - or at least equally to - the speed at which they regenerate:
How can we do that?

The unstable balance

The paradox of biodiversity: maintaining stability while encouraging dynamic evolution. But what if men did the same?

A conversation with Luca Albrisi

From an anthropocentric vision of the world to putting nature first once again: going back to our original balance with nature according to the “Alpine nomad”.

food and
Agricultural biodiversity and food&wine tourism

A new style of travelling? On the steps of local food & wine products.
A focus on the type of development that helps a country.

A meeting with Norbert Niederkofler

Direction: South Tyrol, San Cassiano in Alta Badia.
The Michelin 3-star chef tells us about his “Cook the Mountain” project, working hand in hand with nature.

The mediterranean diet: the perfect mix of health, culture, and sustainability

Not just health: an in-depth analysis of a sustainable diet that also features environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Fab City

Zero Waste: the new model of Data-in/Data-out and the balance between digital production technology and the idea of reusing raw materials.


The future belongs to those who share.
Cohousing: a new way of living by sharing common spaces that is taking the world by storm.

The development of e-mobility: the example of Tesla

Eco-mobility is not only electric cars:
how to fill the gap, as explained in Tesla Motors’s Master Plan.

Wine and how to consume it: a new balance

From the flask to the pouring, to the glass: how wine consumption evolved according to the Marketing Director of the largest wine-making cooperative in Italy.

“Yes, and...”: a technique

From the stage to real life: how to bring improvisation and respect for ourselves and others to the forefront... bringing out everybody’s value.

Flavia La Rocca, the neverending wardrobe

Ethics and aesthetics - the new frontier of fashion. How to have clothes that are sustainable and with a low environmental impact? Thanks to the idea of modularity and to natural and regenerated fabrics.

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