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What kind of beauty will save the world?

If aesthetics is the perception of harmony and balance in our relationship with the environment, ethics is our ability to carry out actions that can maintain that balanced, harmonious relationship.

Ethics and aesthetics are two senses that accompany our species in the continuous evolution of the close relationship we have always had with nature, the spaces and environments where we live, the way we decide to connect with others and the choices that govern our existence in the world. Aesthetics is the awareness of a feeling of harmony, grace and peace with the environment, ethics is the active sense of respect for that environment. In short: ethics allows us to protect aesthetics, and aesthetics instructs the actions and responsibilities of an ethical life.

When ethics and aesthetics are inseparable, or rather when they embrace each other, like in the title and theme of this fifth edition of Innesti, we can glimpse this complementarity everywhere: in a refectory for people in need, in non-intensive agriculture, in street art, in a fashion show, in a car manufacturer that imagines sustainable mobility; or in the golden ratio, chosen for our cover image, which has always mysteriously united the work of man and nature.

When, in 1869, the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky had Myshkin, the protagonist of his novel The Idiot, say the phrase "beauty will save the world", he had no idea that it would become a powerful slogan, adopted in years to come by advertisers, writers, sociologists, or as a trending hashtag used by many influencers. So, this very year, which marks two hundred years since his birth (on the 11th November), we would like to say that yes, beautiful ethics - aesth-ethics, as we have called it - will save the world. 

Martina Liverani
nature and
Responsible tourism supports the beauty of the planet

Eco-friendly travel: what does it mean? And why is it important?
Here is an analysis, step by step, of how to enjoy a holiday with low environmental impact.

The deceptive aesthetics of immateriality

The new global phenomenon we all need to reckon with is digital pollution. What is it and how can we reduce it? Here is an analysis and some related advice.

Sailing for the Planet

Andrea Fantini speaks about how life on a boat teaches you virtuous behaviour that helps the environment. And reveals his ambitious project for sustainability at sea.

food and
An impression of agro-ecology: good land is beautiful land

Rural regeneration needs to take a step forward: from the industrial supply chain to "brotherhood". Speaking to Lucio Cavazzoni, president of Good Land.

From luxury food to entomophagy, via food recycling

Aesthetics and ethics in a virtuous union that, far beyond the stereotyped images in advertising, inspires the food photography of Roberto Savio.

The ethics and aesthetics of leftovers: Massimo Bottura docet

The beauty and the goodness of Food for Soul, the project from the most famous Italian chef in the world, which combines surplus food recovery with social inclusion.

Sustainable mobility and urban consciousness will save the world

Technology and innovation guide us towards a more conscious future. But that isn't enough: we need to take on the social responsibility of a new urban culture.

Voices from the city

"If, when walking through the streets, you encounter a mural, slow down, look at it and listen to it." Iena Cruz and his urban art that spreads messages for a new awareness.

Packaging as a driver of the transition underway

Packaging: it deserves the credit for providing the most important push behind the green economy, and its new characteristics involve ethics, sustainability and marketing.

Sustainable models for more ethical fashion and beauty

Pollution and inequality: these are the environmental and social responsibilities of the fashion industry. The World Sustainability Organisation gives us the first solutions.

The most sustainable garments are the ones we already have

An interview with Marina Spadafora, an ambassador for ethical fashion around the world, on the need for brands and consumers to adopt truly sustainable goals.

Still life as a metaphor for the celebration of life

Beyond aesthetics: the painter Gianluca Corona and his synaesthetic works, which reveal allegories of nature and man, transforming the present into infinity.

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