I have always maintained that careful, analytical observation of the world is what allows us to capture its essence, or certain aspects of it; it is then up to the skilful hand of the artist to transfer it onto the canvas, carve it into stone or recreate it with their imagination.
Human curiosity is the primary ingredient of intelligent exploration. Artistic conception is the talented interpretation of what has been explored.

This is what takes place in the artistic expression of still life.
Works in which nature, with its beauty and its imperfections, comes to life, or better, gains a new life, within a two-dimensional space that is guided by its own rules.

Still lifes are not only a celebration of aesthetics, but a true ode to life and the beauty of nature, created to indefinitely honour the present, to make a moment eternal.

Light and shadow is alternated with every brushstroke; I can move the rays of sun with just one touch, create saturated, living images that fill the entire scene, or hidden details, visible only at a second glance. Clutter or discretion. Exuberance or timidity.

The compositions respect a formal rigour that creates the perfection of the result. A result with an effortlessly natural appearance, but where nothing is left to chance.

Every one of my paintings takes form from a drawing in which, in a very primitive, rough way, the protagonists start to move, decomposed, around the scene, gradually finding their place, engaging with and bumping into the others, changing form and position.
When the colour is added, everything both comes to life and is immobilised at the same time. The application of colour sets the definitive form, the definitive and indefinite life of the painting, the still life.

I am careful and meticulous, and I search for balance in the composition with extreme care; and the balance is given by the proportions, the studied arrangement, the empty and full spaces, the right balance of every detail and the harmony of the whole.
A defined space that is able to restore the complexity of reality.

Every beam of light, every glow, every area of shadow that involves and envelopes the figures, is studied obsessively so that now delicately, now sharply, they bring out forms and colours, attract the gaze or distract it.
A unique, specific light, which every time places my subjects, of classical tradition, in the modern age.

My works are born out of my native land, and they tell its story.
The generous fruits of our wonderful country; the copious production of nature shows all its beauty in its disarming simplicity.

I would like people to fall in love all over again with Nature in front of my paintings, to linger to intimately appreciate the value of what we have in the heavenly moment captured on the canvas; knowing full well that we haven't in any way earned all this, but now, yes, we must fight to preserve it.
The aim is to create synaesthetic works in which those who observe them can visually perceive the dryness of the lemon leaves, the softness of the bumps on the squashes, and the intense smell of the cheeses.

In this way, fruit and vegetables no longer appear as simple food items, but transform into archetypes, illustrated to recount people and personalities. Masks and simulations to narrate the secrets of the human being, represented by vibrant colours that contrast with dramatic-toned backgrounds, or vice versa, making the alternation of full and empty stand out, following each other harmoniously as if in a symphony, or suddenly breaking the rhythm, creating the cacophony of tragedy.
A pictorial allegory of the human being.

The paintings become not only a celebration of natural elements, but also of mankind, the body in all its forms, and the soul.
My attention to the imperfections of the vegetables is a metaphor for our modern obsession with physical appearance, the impossibility of preserving eternal youth, and the tension of having to compare ourselves with others; it is in this way that the most intimate essence of mankind becomes the subject of my works.

My desire is to make what is normally not visible to the eye visible: the beauty of creation that takes form in human beings and the products of the earth.

I want to move people, celebrate beauty to pay homage to life, and stimulate all the senses, despite the fact that painting is supposedly only related to vision.


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