Silvia Sassone

Founder and CEO of Spoongroup

Founder and CEO of Spoongroup, a boutique communication and PR agency. Communicator, expert and enthusiast of enogastronomy and sustainability, fascinated by words and convinced that good content is better than beautiful form. I fight every day with the ambition to constantly find new ideas for projects that are as unlikely as they are effective.


Speak as you eat

A journey into the history of the Italian language, where food and words are woven together, nourishing the identity and essence of our rich national culture.

The truffle, through myth and reality

The white, or black, gold of the table, which has come through thousands of years of history and now looks to the future: from "the food of witches" to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Generosity: the road to sustainability

The importance of a culture of social and environmental responsibility... following our hearts above all. The words of the Condé Nast Global Sustainability Ambassador.

The ethics and aesthetics of leftovers: Massimo Bottura docet

The beauty and the goodness of Food for Soul, the project from the most famous Italian chef in the world, which combines surplus food recovery with social inclusion.

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