Martina Liverani

Writer and journalist

Over the years I have worked with a number of Italian and international magazines. In 2013 I founded - and still manage - Dispensa, an independent semi-annual magazine where I tell stories about food and people with an innovative and unique style. My latest book is Atlante di Geogastronomia (Rizzoli).


The mediterranean diet: the perfect mix of health, culture, and sustainability

Not just health: an in-depth analysis of a sustainable diet that also features environmental, economic, and social benefits.

The extraordinary power of alcohol

Nature itself offers us a solution against viruses, and the largest wine-making cooperative in Italy quickly provided it to the market:
The alcohol by Caviro Extra.

The new home cooking

What did you use all that yeast for?
To make bread! The symbol of life. A journey into the lockdown dynamics that brought home cooking to the fore.

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