Massimo Temporelli

Innovator, passionate about the relationship between man and technology

I teach Anthropology of complex societies at the IED Institute in Milan. As such and for the past 20 years I have worked to share scientific, technological and innovation culture everywhere, from university halls to the web, from museums to print, from radio to television, to companies. I am Director of the scientific series Microscopio by Hoepli and founder and president of TheFabLab.


Fab City

Zero Waste: the new model of Data-in/Data-out and the balance between digital production technology and the idea of reusing raw materials.

“Yes, and...”: a technique

From the stage to real life: how to bring improvisation and respect for ourselves and others to the forefront... bringing out everybody’s value.

Unpredictability as a blessing

“It’s in crisis that inventiveness is born”
Even with the Covid-19 emergency in full swing. The incredible story of the valves made with 3D printers for assisted breathing.

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