N° 14


Staying human

Creativity and fantasy, ideas, time and space for imagination. These are the faculties we all have, which give us health and wellbeing, unlike performing secondary, repetitive tasks. Indeed, the latter, after an initial phase of high performance, leave us alienated and drained of energy. Every profession depends on human creativity, while we continue to destroy and anaesthetise our souls carrying out routine tasks. 

Artificial Intelligence is here to help and, first of all, free up our time so we can deal with our emotions, which lead us impetuously towards our best faculties: imagination and creation, leaving the task of "large-scale analysis" to AI. Anna Tampieri, Director of Research for CNR, tells us about this. "It is unlikely that the inventive, intuitive capacities of humans can be replaced by a machine for the creation of an idea that generates an invention, but combining artificial intelligence with the potential of the human mind can certainly make the innovation much more perfectible, and transform it more quickly into a product, thanks to AI's ability to analyse and process large quantities of data".

What better opportunity, then, to free ourselves from inconvenient, repetitive tasks, to be done with an extremely high level of precision, instead focusing on what allows us to "stay human"?
However, technology is frightening, because it forces change and adaptation that we are never ready for. The effects of artificial intelligence are very clear to us all, both good and bad. Throughout the history of human evolution, technology has always been the tool with which our species has tried to meet our needs and demands. Today, it requires us to take a step further: staying connected to the values and intentions at the root of our inventions. Thinking of the future as a promise, and not as a threat.

The goal of this issue of INNESTI is to continue to reflect on intention as the driver of Artificial Intelligence at the service of our species, and remember the importance of using critical thought in our everyday choices, including our choices regarding food, which are among the most frequent and fundamental. This represents the great power of individual participation for change. The central role of artificial intelligence paradoxically returns we humans to the centre, calling us to imagine a future where we are the protagonists, and where progress is in service of people's happiness.

Monica Vecchi
nature and
LIQUID3: the new liquid tree

Microalgae with high photosynthetic efficiency against air pollution. A multifunctional structure purifies the air and provides sustainable street furniture.

Biome Makers tells us about the power of the soil beneath our feet

Biome Makers improve soil health and agricultural productivity by integrating soil microbiome analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

The mountains are asking for a conscious transition

Big data, AI and adaptation strategies boost mountain conservation and resilience. Lifestyle and economy must go hand in hand with this transformation.

food and
What food do we want? Real or fake food? Natural or artificial?

Diet plays a key role in emissions. The alternative protein and 3D food sector is on the rise, while Italy remains sceptical about cultivated meat.

"Ask and it will be given", an almost perfect pairing!

Adua Villa explores the use of AI for wine-food pairings while reflecting on the benefits and ambiguities of this technology in the food and wine sector.

All set for coffee cells

Cellular agriculture is revolutionising the coffee industry: by growing coffee sustainably, it reduces emissions and helps conserve ecosystems.

"Together is better" Let's map barriers together for more inclusive cities.

An app that makes cities accessible to all, removing architectural barriers and promoting social inclusion, thanks to technology. Download WeGlad and contribute!

Ubenwa: the Shazam for newborn health

A startup uses AI to diagnose neonatal conditions through crying. A revolution for newborn care in developing countries.

Fashion can count on Limitless Innovation’s integrated intelligence

Fashion and technology connected to drive innovation and promote sustainability. The metaverse offers many opportunities, but also poses many challenges.

What does our voice say about us?

The voice detects health. VoiceWise uses AI for diagnosis, remote monitoring, wellness. The challenges? Acceptance, integration and accessibility.

We are Nature: in plants, the stem has the same function as our skeleton

Rattan wood used for bone grafts offers an innovative and sustainable solution. AI and nature together promise breakthroughs in the medicine of the future.

Digital art. Red pill or blue pill?

The fusion of the real world and the virtual world, with NFTs, offers new opportunities for digital artists. Web3 and sustainability broker choices between physical and digital.

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