Giovanni Saggio

Associate Professor at Tor Vergata University

PhD, Associate Professor at Tor Vergata University, Electronics lecturer, 200+ publications, 12 patents, 9 books. Giovanni Saggio has innovated for Asi, Armaereo and Inail, and he has been a consultant for the Ministry of Health. The professor has been written about in international newspapers, including The New York Times, Reuters and Yahoo Finance, and national ones such as Panorama, Millionaire, Il Messaggero, Il Tempo, La Verità and La Repubblica.

Giovanni Saggio has founded three spin-off companies: Captiks Srl, Seeti Srl and Voicewise Srl, and he has received the awards "Promotore Tecnologico Innovazione", "Cuore Digitale", "Innovation Business Award" and "La ruota d'Oro".


What does our voice say about us?

The voice detects health. VoiceWise uses AI for diagnosis, remote monitoring, wellness. The challenges? Acceptance, integration and accessibility.

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