Monica Vecchi

Personal and corporate communication expert

Manager in the international communication sector, today, I am increasingly passionate about personal development and life coaching, contributing to re-establish a meaningful link between people, nature, and sustainability. I am committed to creating projects that support personal wellbeing and awareness of the beauty of the local area.


Stefano Mancuso's cities of the future

Stefano Mancuso, with his book 'Phytopolis', invites us to imagine cities inspired by models that already exist in nature.

We are Nature: in plants, the stem has the same function as our skeleton

Rattan wood used for bone grafts offers an innovative and sustainable solution. AI and nature together promise breakthroughs in the medicine of the future.

Biome Makers tells us about the power of the soil beneath our feet

Biome Makers improve soil health and agricultural productivity by integrating soil microbiome analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

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