Adua Villa

Writer, storyteller and digital entrepreneur

I am a journalist, writer, sommelier and entrepreneur. My latest book: "All in one night". I recount my travels in the world of food and wine through social media and magazines, I publish my articles in F and Natural Style, and I am a writer and speaker, along with a research professor, on the podcast "Deejay Wine Club - La Cantina di Radio Deejay". After 14 years of TV and Radio, today I develop communication and storytelling projects with the company I co-founded, Globetrotter Gourmet. You can find me online as @globetrottergourmet


"Ask and it will be given", an almost perfect pairing!

Adua Villa explores the use of AI for wine-food pairings while reflecting on the benefits and ambiguities of this technology in the food and wine sector.

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