N° 11


The firefly knows the secret to producing light without heat.

If fireflies were aware of having this superpower, they would probably be great inventors.
Deer are the only mammals able to completely regenerate an organ - their antlers. If they were aware of this, they would be scientists with superior intelligence and knowledge. It is a question of instinct.
The mountain knows how to endure, it understands resilience; the tree does what trees do, without asking too many questions. And it does it perfectly.
This is the wisdom of nature, which is nature itself. It is up to us, as beings with consciousness and awareness, who become scientists and inventors, to respect and adapt to what nature has always taught us through its methods and its cycles, its beauty and its perfection.

The stories told in this issue of Innesti, dedicated to the theme of regeneration, teach us that changing our personal behaviour or habits, with conscience and awareness, is the first step to changing the community; and changing the community brings about a change in history: anyone who cleans up his little area of forest - to continue our metaphor of nature - redeems time and tips the scale in historical periods of transition, giving real importance to what he does. 
These are all changes within our reach; the writers in this issue will stimulate your instinct to become fireflies that glow, deer that regenerate, mountains that endure, or trees that grow. And this is how history itself, understood as what happens outside us and at the same time inside us, can be cleaned up and restored; in one word, regenerated.

Martina Liverani
nature and
An ecosystem in co-evolution

The “Black Pearl” of the Mediterranean: Pantelleria. Among UNESCO recognitions and development projects, we discover what’s being done to protect the special synergy between man and nature.

CAVIRO, a regenerative supply chain

For 60 years, an identity based on sustainable development. Interview with the Sustainability Manager of Italy’s leading wine-growing cooperative.

VAIA's metamorphosis of wood

A circular economy that’s reforesting the Dolomites: from reclaimed wood come natural sound amplifiers - and a new tree.

food and
From crooks to cooks: the recipe for rehabilitation

Baking their way to a new life. Interview with Chef Brozzetti: from a three-starred restaurant to a confectionery workshop in Padua prison.

Fabio Fazio: the publisher of good cheer

The “library of chocolate”: Lavoratti 1938. The historic brand is relaunched amid editorial projects, premium ingredients and high-profile collaborations.

Eating to fight the Mafia

“Mafie in pentola”: cooking up a culture of legality. The theatre performance that shines a spotlight on the unique produce grown on lands seized from the Mafia.

Power, control and the quality of recycling

The endless journey of a car tyre: with Ecopneus to learn how used rubber is converted into energy, football pitches, designer decor and street furniture.

The eco house: taking good practices from the past into the future

Eco-friendly urban evolution: building a model for cities that learns from the past and works like an ecosystem.

Historic villages and sustainable tourism

Relaunching the power of local: Italy’s national plan for villages. The keys to successful redevelopment. Commitment and analysis by ANCI, Italy’s Association of Municipalities.

Epicurus's happiness as redemption and rebirth

“The Garden” and the cycles of nature: an essential tool for regrowth. Article by philosopher and writer Ilaria Gaspari.

Regenerating, or in other words, generating anew

Chiara Maci shows us her kitchen of tomorrow: looking to the future with memories of tradition. Because change only happens with knowledge.

Every object must have its own story

“Remade in Italy”! Between reusing and upcycling, Alisea supports the circular economy by promoting industrial regeneration, rather than extraction.

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