We spoke about women's incredible ability to reinvent themselves. That innate talent for rising from the ashes, that enviable strength of understanding how to face the unpredictability of life and being able to create the right tools for survival, for themselves and their children. 

We are born with the ability to regenerate ourselves.
We generate life, and regenerate life.

We look in the mirror, recognise every single line, and choose to welcome them and take care of them. 
Because this is how you have to do it when you want to start again. You look forward, feel the fear, and go anyway. 
You move forward, even if you are crippled, with your soul shattered, even if you have no strength left. You move forward especially when you are unable to, as if the reaction were the driving force behind the entire mechanism. As if it were almost necessary to die a little in order to start again. 

Because the true principle of regeneration is to be reborn. And to do that, we need to learn not to turn back. It is a complex journey, sometimes uphill, but that is exactly why it is so engaging and stimulating. Because it challenges us, time and time again.
We can always look back to remember, we can always look back to respect our journey and our past. But then we need to turn back to the path and walk forward, in the only direction that regeneration offers: the future. 

When I describe my idea of the cuisine of the future, I think of this image exactly: a chef with their body facing firmly in the direction of what lies ahead, the future, while their head often turns back to remember, respect, welcome and celebrate the past, and tradition. It is a change that requires knowledge. 

After all, regeneration is also entirely a question of change
My favourite word. 

In my 39 years, I have changed houses and cities, I have changed jobs, changed direction, changed diet, changed rules, recipes, passions. I am a person who is continuously, constantly changing. And I am so grateful for this opportunity that life offers us, to be able to improve, which we all have, but not everyone always manages to see. I believe that we evolve thanks to change.
I believe that we regenerate ourselves thanks to change. Because it is only the courage to change that can make our future into what we imagine it to be. And the future that I describe as “ours”, is actually much more “theirs” than ours. Theirs, our children's. Our grandchildren's. Generations that will pay for our mistakes, and enjoy the changes we make. 

It is impossible to think about the future without thinking about who will live in it.

And from this perspective, we are all mothers. We are all parents. We are all people who, by regenerating ourselves, the environment we live in, the economy we live from, can not only preserve the planet, but also prepare an ideal place to live for those who will live here. 
And it is also the youngest people that we need to think about.

I have done this through my latest book. I have also changed something there: the endings. The endings of the fairytales we all know. I have given the protagonists the opportunity to save themselves thanks to the values, passions and talents they have within. Without the need to wait for something or someone, but instead working with their strengths and their abilities. And so we save ourselves with food, friendship, collaboration. We always find ourselves around the table, looking each other in the eye as we talk, grow, evolve. We save each other. 
And so, even the protagonists of fairytales become normal - neither perfect princesses nor incredible superheroes, but instead people who teach us to look inside ourselves and discover our true powers.
Which we all have.
Which help us to move forward.
Which help us to be reborn and regenerate ourselves. Because they are there, you just need to look for them. 


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