Giulietta Fara

Director of the Future Film Festival

Born in 1974 and a graduate of History and Contemporary Art Criticism, Giulietta Fara has been the founder and director of the Future Film Festival since 1999. She has co-curated Vita da pixel, the first text published in Italy dedicated to digital animation and special effects used in cinema (published by Il Castoro). Since 2013, she has collaborated in Fondazione Symbola's Io Sono Cultura. She is a lecturer in History of Motion Graphics at the University of San Marino - Master's degree in Design. She curates the Pesaro Film Festival Circus section at the Pesaro Film Festival.


Animation has a history of environmentalism

"Art hasn't predicted the future, but it has been ahead of its time."
Giulietta Fara, the artistic director of the Future Film Festival, and the environmentalist messages in cinema.

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