Ernesto Anderle / Roby il pettirosso


I am a sculptor, painter and illustrator, known online for the Facebook pages Vincent Van Love and Roby il pettirosso. I have published Vincent Van Love (BeccoGiallo, 2019), Ridammi la mano. Fabrizio De André (BeccoGiallo, 2019), Murubutu. RapConti Illustrati (BeccoGiallo, 2020), Raffaello (BeccoGiallo, 2020), Er mestiere der poeta (Longanesi, 2020), Casanova (BeccoGiallo, 2020), Hedera (BeccoGiallo, 2021), Dante a tempo di Rap (BeccoGiallo, 2021), Caravaggio (BeccoGiallo, 2022), and Soffia una brezza (Curci, 2022).


Reading and building identity

Books, the masters of inner freedom: they open the cage of our ego and guide us in the ability to listen to others, understand ourselves, and be part of everything.

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