Carlo Dal Monte

President of the Caviro Group

Carlo Dalmonte was born in Faenza, in Emilia-Romagna, in 1960. He began his career working for his family's plant nursery company, which was founded in 1859, with over 160 years of history. Since 1996, he has had positions in the cooperative sector, as President of:  CAV (Centre for Plant Nursery Activities), Gemos (Collective Catering), Confcooperative Ravenna (Trade Association), and CAVIRO since 2012. He is still a national representative for:  Confcooperative, Fedagri, Aci vitivinicolo. He was President of the World Forum of Wine Cooperatives until October 2022.


Roots and Horizons: Caviro's journey through the country

Caviro puts sustainability initiatives into action, interweaving culture, community and innovation in a journey of progress and collective wellbeing.

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