Serena Tabacchi

Director and Co-Founder of the MoCDA

Serena Tabacchi, born in Rome in 1988, is the director and co-founder of the MoCDA, the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art. She works as an independent curator of digital art and new technologies, and is currently working to create an arts programme on digital culture at Rifugio Digitale in Florence, focusing on generative and site-specific art. She has worked for the TATE Modern and Britain in London, and curated some of the first exhibitions, events and international digital art fairs connected to the world of web3: NFT London, CADAF Miami, CI Bloom Istanbul. She has curated digital art exhibitions for museums and foundations in Italy, and curated the first auction of NFT art with the CAMBI auction house. She curates the catalogue of digital native contemporary art for Cinello, DAW® (Digital Artwork).


Digital art. Red pill or blue pill?

The fusion of the real world and the virtual world, with NFTs, offers new opportunities for digital artists. Web3 and sustainability broker choices between physical and digital.

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