Nico Acampora

Founder of PizzAut

Born in Naples in 1971, married with two children. Initially a social worker for disability services, since 1993 he has worked in youth policy and prevention, launching the activities of Youth Centres (CAGs) and the youth policies of Cernusco and Martesana. An expert in social planning, he has coordinated supra-municipal projects and collaborated with various institutions. In 2021, he was honoured with the Ambrogino d'Oro as a recognition of his commitment to the social sector, and especially for his work with autistic people. Indeed, in 2017 Acampora founded PizzAut, the first restaurant run by young autistic people.


Pizza and awareness: the recipe for PizzAut

Slow rising and inclusion. With these ingredients, autistic young people work alongside catering professionals, reclaiming their private and working lives.

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