Monica Minardi

President of MSF Italy

Dr. Minardi, trained in Italy as a General Practitioner, received the title of Specialist in Emergency Medicine in the UK, where she worked in this sector and in intensive therapy for 10 years, in the role of coordinator from 2017 to 2020. She has a passion for international health, discovered at the beginning of her career in Eritrea, has a Master of International Health, and has worked in local medicine in Italy for almost 2 years. With Doctors Without Borders, she has worked in Angola as Head of the Department of Pediatrics, and in Pakistan as the Head of organisation for the Emergency Room and the opening of the Emergency Medicine Department. She recently returned from a mission in Ethiopia with MSF.


A single community, a single planet

Living through the flood in Romagna, with one certainty: "solidarity moves in a circle." An interview with Monica Minardi, President of Doctors Without Borders Italy.

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