Giulia Pianigiani


My name is Giulia Pianigiani and I was born in Livorno. After studying at the Pisa Art Institute, I graduated from the Verona Fine Arts Academy with a thesis on illustration in children's books. I am attending the 2022/23 "Ars in Fabula" Editorial Illustration Master. I started working with Demetra in my second year at the Academy, and I have since collaborated with Cartorama, Gribaudo, Giunti, Valentina Edizioni, Edizioni Paoline, Il pozzo di Giacobbe, Akena Italy, Edizioni del Baldo, Arsenale, Mulino Don Chisciotte, Storie Cucite (release of the comic book planned for this autumn) and Mondadori Junior (release planned for October).
I work a lot digitally, but I love to work using traditional media.


AIST Foundation for Tourette's Syndrome

A condition that is little-known, but not rare. The President of the Association speaks about it in order to build a more informed, inclusive society.

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