Enrico Vignoli

Engineer, co-founder of Postrivoro

I have worked for the Osteria Francescana since 2007, first in the kitchen, and then opening the Osteria's office. In 2012, I brought the Postrivoro project to life with some other special people. Without ever leaving the growing development of the multifaceted Osteria Francescana office, I also work as a consultant for establishments or institutions such as the Emilia-Romagna Regional Winehouse, or agencies in Italy and abroad. Since 2015, I have been an organiser of the food section of the Al Mèni event in Rimini.


Al Mèni and the fairytale of flavour

Bottura at the helm of an open-air culinary laboratory where chefs, artisans and farmers offer food and products lovingly made by hand.

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