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What material are the "links" that connect one human to another made of?

The eccentric Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős demonstrated that, considering all the inhabitants of the Earth and drawing out their relationships using a random graph, the number of links needed to connect one person with any other was around six. His studies, along with those of the American psychologist Stanley Milgram (and others in the following years) brought to life the small world theory, or the theory of six degrees of separation.
Today, we know that thanks to social networks and our global society, the number of links needed to connect with anyone can even be fewer than six.

The answer we would like to give is that these links are made from an indestructible glue that can be created between people who are either geographically close or distant, and takes the form of a project, a life choice, tangible help - it is called solidarity. A feeling, a virtue, an energy: solidarity is the fine thread that keeps us all united and all holding on tight to our planet; it is the spark of our awareness of universal cohesion.

We have tried to define this powerful word in this issue of Innesti, which arrives just a few months after the climate catastrophe that hit Romagna and found us vulnerable but united. And thanks to this experience, solidarity has become a sort of lens through which to observe just how many incredible stories surround us, nourished by this invisible fuel. We are all a lot more united than we think. And interpreting this closeness not through "degrees of separation", but through "degrees of solidarity", could lead us to build new stories of sustainability, and something truly tangible and important for the future of our planet. The poet Chandra Livia Candiani also writes about this in verse - I will borrow her words to wish you happy reading: "The universe has no centre / but humans, in order to embrace, act as follows: / they approach one another slowly / and yet without any apparent reason, / afterwards they open arms, / show the disarmament of wings, / they finally disappear / together / in the space of charity / between one / and the other".

Martina Liverani
nature and
Joining forces to clean the seas

Saving the planet from marine pollution thanks to collaboration with local communities and sea professionals. The successful model of the start-up Ogyre.

Solidarity without distinction of "species"

Animals join the Constitution, support the elderly and get cuddles from inmates. These, and many others, are the achievements of the LAV Association!

"Man is the fruit of the child's work"

Cosmic education and the science of peace: the Montessori philosophy to help young children embrace collective responsibility in aid of life.

food and
Catastrophic goodness: the protagonists

The wave of "sweetness" that overwhelmed Emilia-Romagna after the floods in May 2023: when the strength of solidarity is greater than the power of the water.

The resilience of the mango

A goal cultivated seed by seed: create a billion places at the table around the world. Kenya's "mango women" and CEFA's development models.

The strength of sharing

"Me, Guenda and the Mad Gene": when a rare disease is fought with courage, and you make it into a book to tell a story of hope, prevention and the value of life.

The humanitarian power of social media

The voice of journalist Olena Kulygina travels across the borders of Ukraine, and encourages all countries to wrap hers in an embrace of brotherhood.

A bridge of multiculturalism through podcasting

PodDARE offers a "space to talk" that is free, multilingual and open to anyone who wants to express themselves and share ideas between cultures.

Solidarity Economy: an alternative model

Goal: everyone's quality of life. A modern economic system, based on solidarity and sustainability, is already a reality among people and enterprises in Italy and abroad.

Brunello Cucinelli, the humanist of the third millennium

“The great dream of my life has always been to work for the moral and economic dignity of humans.”

A single community, a single planet

Living through the flood in Romagna, with one certainty: "solidarity moves in a circle." An interview with Monica Minardi, President of Doctors Without Borders Italy.

AIST Foundation for Tourette's Syndrome

A condition that is little-known, but not rare. The President of the Association speaks about it in order to build a more informed, inclusive society.

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