My life in nature

Photography and video capture everyone's attention. With their evocative power, they arouse emotions and inspire souls. History is proof of this.

We are overloaded with both real and artificial content, but when photography and video are approached with a deep connection with ourselves, and when photography is sincere, the public receives an ancestral call that can bring out its most hidden dimensions.
Photography is a mirror to the soul, to our most beautiful emotions, our journeys, our encounters, but also to our less welcome suffering. 

Taking photos means showing all this; it is, above all, searching inside ourselves. 

In my life, photography and video grew slowly; I became interested in this type of communication at school, when I was close to graduating, and I took photos of the spring for a school project with an old camera belonging to my uncle Angelo, my grandfather's son. That was the beginning, an interest like many others.

Then, as often happens, things amplified and without realising it I found myself taking photos at bars, weddings, companies, always with a clear goal: speaking about nature and spending as much time as I could in her company. My vocation then branched out into several corporate, artistic and environmental communication projects, and today I work with companies, organisations and festivals on social, artistic and cultural projects.

Since 2016, I have been working on an independent project on the Arctic, called Arctic Visions, which has the goal of showing one of the most delicate, at-risk habitats on the planet through photography and video.
So far, my journey into "arctic nature" has taken me to Iceland, Finland, Norway, Alaska, where I was hosted by an Inuit family, Svalbard, and the north of Greenland. I have tried to offer the public photos of a beauty that is often unreachable, and difficult to document. Helping people get closer to these environments, which are so far from our everyday lives, has allowed me to make them more familiar.
This part of the planet is particularly meaningful for me; it is a powerful call to return to the essence of life, to recognise the unique force of nature with the most beautiful light that has ever existed. Sometimes it has been very difficult - I have been stuck in a local village where I experienced a dimension of human vulnerability that I had never felt before, an otherworldly silence interrupted only by the howling of dogs, immersed in a land with an endless, desolate horizon. In Alaska I have had an encounter with a polar bear, and the first light after many hours of darkness.

Instead, in a more local context, I have created a project to document the iconic monumental trees of Romagna, with my grandfather. After seven years of nighttime walks in the company of the stars, the silence and the magic of my homeland, I released an art book in 2022, Ottantuno, produced with NutsForLife. In this book, the protagonists are the ancient trees I photographed during their nocturnal life.

Photography and video have always been a necessity for me. I have progressed from documenting the beauty of nature to narrating a dialogue with those who live in it. I try to convey the anthropological aspects of the earth, its relationship with those living here. 

Understanding, in order to love and protect. I try to take photos with an artistic vision, even though my initial approach was primarily reportage. If we know how to listen, nature is constantly communicating with those who observe her. She can teach us to recognise our origins, as a witness of our relationship with the generations before us. 

The ramifications of Ottantuno and Arctic Visions, two personal projects close to my heart, have gone far and taken me to unexpected places: I have been a guest on the programme Geo, I have participated as an artist at the Paris Festival "Circulation(s)", the Intesa Sanpaolo Gallerie d'Italia, the Panoramic Festival in Barcelona, and an expedition exploring climate change in Greenland for 3B Meteo. With the Casentinesi Forest National Park I organise exclusive, immersive photography workshops in nature.

These projects, as messengers of nature's voice, have had significant presence in the media, leading to an award at the Tokyo Foto Awards for Lost in Grønland, the latest collection from Arctic Visions. 

Nature is our home, and photography and video are the means I have chosen to narrate her: if we allow her to speak, she has a lot to tell us, and will unexpectedly lead us inside ourselves, reminding us who we really are. The most important branch of my work is the opportunity to "make nature speak": she offers a privileged view of life and its essence, an important foundation for the sustainability of all of our lives. Maybe it was this that led me to want to experience nature more and more, even more than I could have ever imagined.

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