Niko Romito


Niko Romito has managed the restaurant Reale with Cristiana Romito since 2000. A self-taught cook, deeply connected to his native Abruzzo, in only 7 years he has earned 3 Michelin stars. He started in Rivisondoli, in what was formerly the family patisserie, which became a trattoria, and in 2011 he transferred the Reale to Casadonna, an ex-monastery from the 1500s in Castel di Sangro. Through tireless research and a strong entrepreneurial approach, Romito took the road of simplicity, balance and taste. In very little time, he understood how to create a vivid, personal culinary language, and a complex system in which haute cuisine, widespread catering formats, higher education and products for domestic consumption can coexist.


An interview with Niko Romito

From the three-star Reale to a campus for the cooks of the future: the chef and his commitment to education for healthy, sustainable catering that is accessible to everyone.

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