Carla Diamanti

Journalist, Travel Coach®, teacher

At ten years old, I met a girl who came from a faraway world. Language, skin, customs, food, culture: it was all new, and I was intrigued. While she became a sister to me, travelling was a dream - now it is my job. I write about places, plan tours, train students and professionals, and spread the message of #constructivetourism. I live in Paris, was born in Rome, and have lived in places that are unusual, like Port-au-Prince, glamourous, like Miami, international, like Brussels, or with a Middle-Eastern flavour, like Amman. I am allergic to borders and clichés.


Safar with Carla, a bet on travelling from home

Live virtual tours abroad, with a local guide? Now it is a reality. A link to immersive experiences for discovering the world, from home or at school.

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