Lucio Cavazzoni

President of Goodland

Currently president of Goodland srl, a business that targets economies, ecology and companies that create a substantial social impact on regions. Founder of CONAPI Consorzio Nazionale Apicoltori, the National Consortium of Beekeepers, which he headed until 2008. From 1999, he was first CEO and then president of Alce Nero, a company of organic farmers, beekeepers and fair trade producers. Among the companies, cooperatives and associations he has helped to found are Libera Terra Mediterraneo, Coop Sin Fronteras,, and the Scuola Casa Comune with Luigi Ciotti.


An impression of agro-ecology: good land is beautiful land

Rural regeneration needs to take a step forward: from the industrial supply chain to "brotherhood". Speaking to Lucio Cavazzoni, president of Good Land.

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