Sharing the environment: biophilia

Biophilic design transforms spaces, promoting humans' reconnection with the environment, for more healthy, harmonious living.

From ceramics to pottery therapy

The Lene Thun Foundation uses pottery to bring hope and joy to hospitalised children, blending art with treatment.

The luxury of artistic restoration: Cedä M

Cedä M transforms an ancient home into a haven of sustainability and art, triggering conscious tourism.

What does our voice say about us?

The voice detects health. VoiceWise uses AI for diagnosis, remote monitoring, wellness. The challenges? Acceptance, integration and accessibility.

We are Nature: in plants, the stem has the same function as our skeleton

Rattan wood used for bone grafts offers an innovative and sustainable solution. AI and nature together promise breakthroughs in the medicine of the future.

Digital art. Red pill or blue pill?

The fusion of the real world and the virtual world, with NFTs, offers new opportunities for digital artists. Web3 and sustainability broker choices between physical and digital.

Brunello Cucinelli, the humanist of the third millennium

“The great dream of my life has always been to work for the moral and economic dignity of humans.”

A single community, a single planet

Living through the flood in Romagna, with one certainty: "solidarity moves in a circle." An interview with Monica Minardi, President of Doctors Without Borders Italy.

AIST Foundation for Tourette's Syndrome

A condition that is little-known, but not rare. The President of the Association speaks about it in order to build a more informed, inclusive society.

Beyond boundaries, the search for happiness is a journey with a gentle soul

Celebrities, migrants, "untouchables". Travelling around the world, the Happiness Project's social research finds that kindness is always the answer.

Drawing a gentle revolution

Enrica Mannari, the "emotional educator". The illustrator's commitment to launching restorative projects in Italy, with messages conveyed through drawing and writing.

A kind revolution: the courage to change the world

Discover Gentletude and its restorative abilities. Neuroscience confirms it: being kind feeds empathy, benefits the planet and connects nations!

Epicurus's happiness as redemption and rebirth

“The Garden” and the cycles of nature: an essential tool for regrowth. Article by philosopher and writer Ilaria Gaspari.

Regenerating, or in other words, generating anew

Chiara Maci shows us her kitchen of tomorrow: looking to the future with memories of tradition. Because change only happens with knowledge.

Every object must have its own story

“Remade in Italy”! Between reusing and upcycling, Alisea supports the circular economy by promoting industrial regeneration, rather than extraction.

The Zeitgeist and cultural identity

Festival della Mente, a hotbed of topical, multi-disciplinary reflections for a broad, intergenerational audience. Because ideas drive the world!


A word, a call to action. The example of one of the first journalists in Italy who, for over 20 years, has been spreading the word of environmental issues through the mass media.

My story, your path, our future

Wellbeing is circular. The words of an executive coach, committed to reigniting the spark in human souls, to create a better world.

Safar with Carla, a bet on travelling from home

Live virtual tours abroad, with a local guide? Now it is a reality. A link to immersive experiences for discovering the world, from home or at school.

BICITALIA: the story of the national cycle path network

The FIAB representative for the Bicitalia project explains the history and evolution of the national cycle network, to encourage the development of cycle mobility.

Generosity: the road to sustainability

The importance of a culture of social and environmental responsibility... following our hearts above all. The words of the Condé Nast Global Sustainability Ambassador.

Fashion and sustainability: let's make things clear

Eco-friendly clothing through the lens of the climate emergency, the production practices of fashion brands, and new requests from consumers. An analysis of ethical fashion.

Italians and sustainability: working towards a possible connection

In Italy, the "green revolution" is already a reality. The changes that have made us into ecomodernists.

LifeGate, a sustainability lab active for two decades

New horizons. An example of how to pursue sustainability through new languages, from publishing projects to actions to defend the planet.

Changing perspective in order to save the planet and humankind

Tomás Saraceno: a scientific mind and a creative soul. Looking to the visionary work of one of the top contemporary artists to create a new behavioural ethics.

Sport and the environment: a sustainable bond

From the UN 2030 Agenda to sports federations, via innovation: sport is an ideal channel for spreading eco-friendly culture.

The conscious citizens of tomorrow are the children of today

Educating the very youngest in sustainability, and cultivating their enormous potential.
This is how teachers can contribute to change.

The limits of matter, and materials

From linear to circular: in search of an economy that reuses resources for next-generation products that go beyond the limits of time.

Awareness of planetary limits as a solution to a possible future

The 9 systems that regulate the Earth's stability and their relative tipping points for the loss of that balance: let's learn about them in order to make responsible choices.

Reforestation, afforestation and agroforestry

Discovering zeroCO2, the Italian Benefit Corporation that works on reforestation projects with a high social value.

Sustainable models for more ethical fashion and beauty

Pollution and inequality: these are the environmental and social responsibilities of the fashion industry. The World Sustainability Organisation gives us the first solutions.

The most sustainable garments are the ones we already have

An interview with Marina Spadafora, an ambassador for ethical fashion around the world, on the need for brands and consumers to adopt truly sustainable goals.

Still life as a metaphor for the celebration of life

Beyond aesthetics: the painter Gianluca Corona and his synaesthetic works, which reveal allegories of nature and man, transforming the present into infinity.

A conversation with Oscar Farinetti

An interview with the founder of Eataly on the great moments of serendipity he has come across in the food and wine sector, collected in an extraordinary new book.

Intuition and preparation: this is how sustainability and the green economy come to life

Winning entrepreneurial models that teach us about the energy revolution, and stories of virtuous examples of ecological transition.

All the languages of the environment

Environmental journalism and a duty towards the community. The need to find new narrative codes to reach the public interest.

CAVIRO, stubbornly going against the grain since the beginning

The biggest winery in Italy and its "sustainable vision" that is always ahead of the trends. An interview with the CEO, SimonPietro Felice.

Diversity, weapon of survival

Tessa Gelisio and her focus on the need for biodiversity as a source of change, innovation, resilience and evolution.

Science for diagnosing the problem, technology and vision to solve it

Climate change: according to philosopher-influencer Rick DuFer, creating individual awareness is the key to pushing everyone towards action.

Wine and how to consume it: a new balance

From the flask to the pouring, to the glass: how wine consumption evolved according to the Marketing Director of the largest wine-making cooperative in Italy.

“Yes, and...”: a technique

From the stage to real life: how to bring improvisation and respect for ourselves and others to the forefront... bringing out everybody’s value.

Flavia La Rocca, the neverending wardrobe

Ethics and aesthetics - the new frontier of fashion. How to have clothes that are sustainable and with a low environmental impact? Thanks to the idea of modularity and to natural and regenerated fabrics.

The extraordinary power of alcohol

Nature itself offers us a solution against viruses, and the largest wine-making cooperative in Italy quickly provided it to the market:
The alcohol by CAVIRO Extra.

The little toxic cloud: the story of andrea and his farm

Unpredictable events happen, and they change the course of things.
It is up to us to grasp their potential for fruitful transformations.

The unforeseeable and the fashion system

React and act. Now.
How the Italian fashion sector has responded to the unexpected global health emergency.

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